Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2020

scorpio in february 2020

Scorpio Horoscope February 2020

This is the month you may begin to renovate or add value to your home by modernising. Moves that happen now will go smoothly and will signify a new start for you. Home moves that happen now will be for the purpose of greater security, greater convenience and comfort, i.e., you may move somewhere where there is less traffic or less noise and more privacy, or you may build walls or plant trees to make your home more pleasant.

It is also a time when there are many family activities, and the focus may be on important events to do with family members, i.e., weddings, retirement parties, christenings, etc.

The home is an important centre of activity, and you will also take on a mothering role (regardless of whether you are female of not) to extended family members. You may cater for family events or offer up spare rooms or sofas for visiting family members. You are a person who is in demand right now; if you are older, you will be the matriarch of the family; if you are younger, you may be called upon to act like an older sister to siblings or cousins.

Emotional needs are stronger and more urgent; it will become apparent who supports you and nurtures you and who is just a drain – you will be generous with your affection and your time, but after this month you will have a much clearer idea about who deserves your care and who abuses it.

This is a strong month for parental instincts, and if you do not have children, you will be broody. You may suffer from empty nest syndrome, but this may be the impetus to be more involved with nieces and nephews. You will tend to be more worried and protective over your children, and this could signify a time when your children are growing up and becoming less dependent, and this can cause an identity crisis where you feel less needed. Many may decide to return to work as the children are now at school.

It is hard to see things in perspective this month, but things are actually better than you think. You have a quiet confidence and optimism right now, and while at times you may question that confidence in light of logic or developments, you just cannot shift the feeling that things are indeed working out for good.

This month can often see Scorpio returning to a strong faith based approach to life – it is a satisfying month for those who are religious or who have an open-minded attitude to life and the universe. You can see your life is part of a divine plan, and it feels good.

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