Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Predictions February 2020

sagittarius all weekly forecast february 2020

Sagittarius First Week Forecast February 2020

In the beginning you’ll explore many new avenues as you’ll be brimful with confidence. May earn new and respectable positions. But between 3rd & 4th something untoward may take place. The Moon in 12th may enhance expenses and lessen income. Health may also remain weak. Don’t get entangled with the strangers during this phase. Legal cases may also trap you. Between 5th & 6th you may progress well. The tide will suddenly turn favourable. On 7th may feel some relief.

Sagittarius Second Week Forecast February 2020

On 8th you’ll be in a much relaxed mood. Emotionally you may receive much support. Between 9th & 10th money inflow will swell your coffers to add to your delight. Some development may course the future trend of your life for better. This phase will be full of achievements. But between 11th & 12th the period will be very trying. Familial unrest, fights, confrontations, useless altercations, disturbance in your work may give you much agony. Things will improve between 13th & 15th when you get new information’s and news. Your projects will be revived and your planning will be successfully implemented. All jobs at hand will be accomplished. Your influence on your acquaintances will rise.

Sagittarius Third Week Forecast February 2020

Between 16th & 17th you may suddenly get a good gain and your business will thrive as your financial schemes will be successful. Any journey towards north or east will be very rewarding. Between 18th & 19th the youth may gather all the information they need through internet. May also buy a computer or a new mobile or some new apparels. Between 20th & 21st your secret enemies will be exposed. You could be a victim of some conspiracy. Those in govt. service may get admonished by their seniors. Mentally you will feel much restive. Things will improve between 22nd & 23rd. The students will study devotedly.

Sagittarius Fourth Week Forecast February 2020

Between 24th & 26th many financial problems will be solved as you’ll recover most of your held back money. All your endeavours for money earning will be successful. The information received through the internet and mobile will help you brighten your future. Between 27th & 29th noon you’ll have your pet projects duly accomplished as the favourable planetary configuration will let no problem remain unsolved. But the tide may turn adverse from 29th evening. Avoid travelling, driving or going near to fast moving vehicles. Be guarded about your safety, especially.

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