Monday, January 6, 2020

Sagittarius Career for January 2020

sagittarius monthly career horoscope january 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope January 2020

This month is a great one for new contracts, business negotiations, and also spending on new stationery, business cards, brochures, leaflets and all those traditional pre-internet tools of communication. Remember that physical things with your logo, name or business name on are still a way to seep into the subconscious of your clients and customers and also provide a physical record. Phones get lost, computers are not always backed up, but business cards or paperwork on file can usually be found or easily retrieved.

January is a very good time to reassess your core competences within your business and refocus on these. You need to think about what you do better than anyone else and put more energy into that rather than spending much time doing things that anyone can do.

Remember to have a clear message – it is easier to win over clients or get support for your cause if your message is clear and unambiguous. Trying to cast the net too wide with a vague and far-reaching message can backfire – when you nail your colours to the mast, people rally behind you.

This month is great for goals you achieve as part of a wider group – you may chip in with other business to fund advertising for your town to increase business in general; you may lobby your local government to improve services, or you may use the power you have as a buyer to pressure your supplier to be greener or more ethical.

Sagittarians are concerned for the implications of scientific, technological, or medical developments on the health of the public, and you can be very vocal in expressing these views and informing others. Sagittarians can also be very outspoken about GM food versus organic, vaccines, and the dangers of nuclear or fracking. This is a good month for pushing your agenda if you promote organic foods, natural medicine, and environmental issues.

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