Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Libra Monthly Horoscope February 2020

libra in february 2020

Libra Horoscope February 2020

Your need to express yourself is powerful this month, but you could be held back to some degree by concerns at what your peer group or friends may think. You have to jump through this hoop where you cast aside fears of being judged and go for it regarding expressing your opinion and ideas, no matter how radical or unorthodox.

This is one of those months where friends or colleagues seem to be agreeing with you, and you go ahead thinking they are going to back you up, but when it counts they fade away and let you down. Know that this could happen and prepare for it. If you do need to rally people around you, you will have to appeal to their emotions rather than to their reason and logic. This is a good month to capitalise on siege mentality or on an us versus them mood.

You could also be held back by becoming dragged down by other people’s problems – you need to get away from Debbie Downers and nay sayers who can cloud your judgement with negativity. Free yourself from unhelpful hangers-on and forge ahead without dragging these unmotivated individuals with you.

This is a wonderful month for those who have been feeling hemmed in or constrained to finally bloom and take centre stage. You are most successful this month when you have used January to crystallise your goals and choose those which most align to your inner calling. You can actually forge new alliances or make new friends this month who are similar to you in terms of where you are regarding personal evolution.

This month is an excellent time for taking your creative projects off the drawing board and into the limelight.

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