Thursday, January 16, 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope February 2020

leo in february 2020

Leo Horoscope February 2020

Unique ideas mark you out this month. You will find unorthodox ways of doing things, and while your ways may initially draw some raised eyebrows, others may soon see the method in your ‘madness’.

You will have many competing priorities, and so part of this month is taken up by crisis management, rushing from place to place prioritising not always successfully as it can be hard to tell which task should come first, second, third, etc. However, you can achieve much, but you need to know when to quit one job and start another, and sometimes perfectionism and the desire to get to an unattainable standard can hold you up or hold you back. The goal this month is knowing which tasks either practically and/or intellectually are your priorities and approaching these with efficiency. Time management is essential.

This month is ideal for learning as you can pick up new skills, and things which you learn will have greater meaning regarding application and career advancement. There can also be eureka moments when things suddenly click mentally and make sense, and this can be very inspiring.

There are grey areas regarding decision making as matters are not black and white either ethically or morally, and you will not have time to dwell or do extensive investigations – you will have to take a broad view, come to a conclusion, and be able to back it up. In many cases, you have to make the best decisions given circumstances and information available; so you should not beat yourself up if not every decision is one that sits easily with you.

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