Sunday, January 19, 2020

Aquarius Love Forecast February 2020

aquarius love predictions february 2020

Aquarius in Love February 2020

This is a time of culmination in relationships; things will reach a point of no return. This is certainly a time when you will know if you are going to quit a relationship or if you want to make a firm commitment.

Relationships this month will generally not be equal; for many reasons, you will have to put in more work, more effort, and more emotional energy into resolving problems and keeping the relationship on track. Your partner may have a physical ailment or be going through an emotional crisis, and you will have to offer support, nurturing, and even care, i.e., nursing a partner. Often, having to deal with a partner who is temporarily weakened can appeal to an Aquarian’s sense of being a saviour and can enhance the relationships.

Intimacy and understanding will increase this month in all relationships, and even if relationships have struggled, this month can bring eureka moments when things finally make sense, and you can get beyond hurdles that have been there for many years.

This is a month where may Aquarians can fall in love with a patient, i.e., nurses, doctors, psychologists. That patient-caregiver boundary can become blurred very fast and could lead to a full-blown love affair. The intimate connection a caregiver has to a patient is closely linked to feelings of love and an Aquarian can be quickly drawn into the feelings of being protective, which turn into feelings of love.

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