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All Signs Career Horoscope February 2020

career horoscope for all signs in feb.'20

Your Monthly Career Horoscope February 2020

Aries Career Forecast February 2020

You are very assertive and pro-active, and so this is a great month to initiate and also to get things done. You can work with speed and energy. This month is very favourable for jobs that involve physical effort as you have greater strength right now and can work longer, harder, and faster. There is one warning, however, you are rather short-tempered in February, and you should never work while angry as you will make mistakes that can be hard to undo or cause yourself injury – you really should take time out until you calm down.

This month you will probably not follow orders – you may just do it your own way, assuming that you will be proved right in the end. That approach may well pay off, but it will also cause you more stress than necessary, so make sure it is worth the risk.

While you are able to work well with others in general this year, this may NOT be the best month for group activities, and you are likely to clash with others over the aims, goals, and priorities – you may even walk away from the activity for a time until you can reconcile yourself to the group choices.

Work with children is both rewarding and productive this month, especially when it is to do with sport or helping kids to develop confidence.

An excellent month for selling products via social media and where you engage with potential clients on community forums and via social platforms – any sales where the personal touch and persistence is needed are favoured.

Taurus Career Forecast February 2020

Career matters come to a head this month. This is a time when you may nail a new position, get that promotion or quit one career to begin something totally different. The lunar eclipse brings energy and change to your life direction, and this often marks a positive new start.

This month you have to give yourself a little push – do not let doubts about your ability to handle responsibility hold you back. There are opportunities for leadership, more personal publicity, and ways to get seen and get noticed.

Some of the attention that comes your way will feel a little uncomfortable or unusual for a time, but your ability to adjust is enhanced, and you should soon feel relaxed about events.

If you work freelance, you may nail an important contract with a government department of a big corporation. You may also have the chance to do important work on a big project which will affect a large part of society, i.e., research on mental health issues, socio-economic problems and causes or economic policy. This can also mean you work to bring public attention to social issues, which are not often talked about via journalism, filmmaking, blogging, etc. – this may focus on rights of the disabled, homelessness in your city, pollution of the environment, dangers of fracking, etc. Your work right now may bring you into contact with troubling issues close to home which you believe should get more publicity or government assistance.

You may uncover a scandal or be prepared to whistle blow.

Gemini Career Forecast February 2020

Further education, teaching, learning, and studying are a major focus regarding work this month. If you are studying, you may need to learn new IT skills to improve both your presentations, your written work or your analytical skills.

You may be required to update skills or learn new skills – these new skills can be to do with communications, trade, systems management, and distribution of information. It is not enough to know the details; you need to be able to interpret those details and then communicate the overall outline in a way that inspires and takes things forward.

In any career where trade forms an important part of your day to day activities, you will have to revisit logistical factors, update agreements or adjust methods of supply, i.e., change suppliers to take advantage of economic changes internationally.

So while this month is very much about learning and dealing with details, the objective is to be able to take that knowledge to the next level – expanding on it, interpreting it, and using it in a useful and ingenious way.

This is a good month for investing in stocks or trading in stocks as long as it is done in a consistent way and nothing too risky.

In entertainment and art orientated careers, the political side can rear its head, and you will have to deal with vested interests, obstacles created by those in power and compromises will have to be made to keep everyone happy, especially your funders.

You need to fine tune and refine the way you project your ideas, and this can be the way you present material to clients, teach or negotiate with foreign suppliers – do not get left behind technologically. Know the latest technology and how best to use it.

Cancer Career Forecast February 2020

The area of money can hold some surprises this month – there can be money which comes from sources other than your usual income or earnings, and yet there can also be unexpected expenses. Interest on loans may reduce, or you may be able to arrange a better deal or loan arrangement. This is a very good time for arranging finance for career ambitions, i.e., business expansion or perhaps for funding a year off to take a qualification to increase earning potential or career flexibility. Changing forex rates can move both for and against you, and in business, if you trade in other currencies you should look into hedging bets or getting forward contracts to reduce risk. Cancerians who often speculate in currency movements can do very well.

I dislike the term sucking up, but sometimes one needs to oil the relationship with one’s superiors, and this month is an ideal time to improve relations with one’s boss or those in authority. You may be able to seek a favour from someone in authority, i.e., better pay, conditions, or the chance to work on a new team or project.

This month is an ideal one for arranging promotional events aimed at the public at large and boosting sales by improving your presence and visibility both online and in terms of more interaction in the local community.

Appearances matter this month, and so in all your work-related contacts you need to pay close attention to presentation, looks, and first impressions.

Clothing, manners, and attitude, can set you apart; use your ability to increase cooperation and bring sides together rather than using tactics that are aggressive and confrontational.

February is a strong month for all sales-related activity and also for any business which promotes leisure or fun. However, whatever you sell or promote, you need to use positive tactics; focus on the great things you can do rather than scaring people into using your product or service.

Leo Career Forecast February 2020

This month is ideal for planning if you are involved in education, adult education, holding seminars or workshops – get your lecture plans, lessons or demonstrations ready. Remember that learning should inspire not only educate and that when you can relate information to the real world and make it more relevant it sticks in heads more easily. So if you teach in any capacity, remember to also be an entertainer and an intellectual leader who makes your subject come alive.

As there is an emphasis on learning this month, it is a very good time to begin a course or to perhaps change to a new area of study which is more suited to you. In all areas of study, it is best to make sure your aptitude is suited, and you are not a square peg forcing yourself into a round hole. This is a good time to get an aptitude test to help you better understand your options and to inspire you about your ability.

Travel for work-related or sport-related business can be very successful and can give your business good impetus. This is also a good time to drum up trade with new international clients.

One danger is becoming too fanatical in promoting ideas, especially if those are political or cultural – it is good to raise awareness, but nothing alienates more than negative advertising or fear mongering.

Virgo Career Forecast February 2020

You are reluctant to take financial advice from others this month, especially as it will tend to conflict with your experience. You will probably resist the concerns and advice of others and go with what you know and what your gut says when it comes to business decisions.

This may be the month when you get a company car or a loan from your employer – this can be a mixed blessing as it will enhance your prestige but may lead to you paying more tax. Everything regarding money creates a dilemma where you gain in one way but lose in another, and making decisions will thus take time and extensive thought.

Money matters may cause ethical quandaries – i.e., you could save money with Plan A, but you will end up compromising your concerns for Green issues or perhaps Plan B is great from a creative point of view but does not fit in with marketing strategies. It is a matter of weighing up the issues before you make decisions, and those issues are likely to be complex and will involve motivations and instincts that are not only financial but moral and philosophical.

Virgo want to make their business plans both profitable financially and beneficial for the wider community, and you are looking for more than just monetary gain from what you do.

Virgo in high-pressure sales jobs may feel increasingly uncomfortable with hard sell tactics, and that can mean you fail to reach targets. Virgo may also feel that they have lost faith in what they are promoting or selling. This year Virgo need to believe in what they do as a job on a deep level – you need to feel you create value in human and financial terms, and where you feel your job is shallow, you will look to either make it more meaningful or find something that does reflect your values regarding life and the world.

Libra Career Forecast February 2020

Children will be a focus this month, not only for teachers and social workers, but also for people who run scouting groups, sports coaching, dance or arrange camps. Those who create computer programs, medicines, and clothes designers will also be more focused on development of products for young children. Whatever your business is, you need to look at how you cater for families with young children or for children regarding education, development, and well-being. Work with children is very rewarding right now, and if you are unemployed, this is a year when you may find success in working with children in some capacity, and so you may want to use skills you have to teach or learn new skills that you could use in a new career with children.

You may hold meetings in your home in connection with organisations or community groups you belong to. In some cases, you could organise pressure groups or host work events at home to discuss issues of joint concern and generate action plans.

Any activity you do within a group has an unpredictable element, and you cannot always rely on people to act true to form or deliver as anticipated.

You may need to coax people to do things rather than instruct or order them as they may resent your authority.

Be very alert to con artists and get rich quick schemes; also beware of malware and nefarious emails masquerading as something legitimate. This is not the best time to employ a new accountant, new lawyer or business advisor as they may not fulfil expectations; they may be all about the big sell with poor delivery.

Scorpio Career Forecast February 2020

Often, career goals have to be subordinated to your family concerns, and you may even take time off work to move or devote time to family.

February is a very good month for starting a business in real estate, interior design or catering. It is very favourable for family businesses, especially those that are connected to construction or hospitality.

Work-life balance and priority considerations are vital this month. This could be the month where you change to a more flexible type of employment which can give you more freedom to pursue important family goals without neglecting those you love for the sake of work. Family events may force your hand regarding what your priorities are. In some cases, the opposite is true where you are now able to devote more time to work goals due to family commitments lessening.

This is a month of careful consideration rather than a surge forward – you will take time to review the options and delay decisions until it feels right.

Many things which happen now are directly related to past events – this can serve as a guide. The past is not always a good predictor of the future, but this month, the past is a very reliable barometer – if someone let you down or was a bad partner before, then write them off, no second chances as they are unlikely to be any better the second time around.

This is a very good month for settling legal matters, foreign investments, and international trade.

Small scale work related to social events can help foster camaraderie and team building.

Sagittarius Career Forecast February 2020

It is very important this month to have the full facts before making decisions; it is also important to pay attention to the details. Sagittarians are inclined to be so focused on and also emotionally attached to certain goals that you neglect to look at details and also logistics. There is also this tendency to ignore what you do not wish to deal with or think about; this can give you a false sense that everything is going well. However, these little ignored and then forgotten details can crop up later to trip you up.

You have a great deal of restlessness and also impatience this month, and that can cause you to be very blunt and to neglect honing your diplomacy when working with others. It is almost like you do not have time for niceties, but again, these niceties may be a necessary evil (Sagittarians love to be honest).

Spend more time networking, feeling people out, sensing who your allies are, and who you can work with before you surge forward.

Listening properly is also vital – often you hear what you assume you should be hearing rather than what is being said. This can mean you misinterpret the situation or get instructions all wrong. More haste, less speed; listen and make sure you understand before you go ahead or else you may have to do things twice.

On a more productive note, you are likely to be able to see the bigger picture and the broader ideals behind what you and the team are doing, and thus you are able to motivate and inspire your team by keeping their eye on the ball regarding the vision.

This is an excellent month for creative projects as you will have both inspiration and the confidence in your ideas to begin flushing them out and getting them into concrete form.

Take ideas and start turning them into realities this month by doing market research, logistical planning, and data analysis. This is a very good month to do surveys, polls, or compile data to help with business plans.

Capricorn Career Forecast February 2020

This is a lucky month regarding career; however, misguided or ill-conceived actions can cause conflict and needless opposition.

Making assumptions about others without consultation can lead to a spanner in the works when things do not go as you assumed. It is very important to have your finger on the pulse; you can feel that things are going in a certain direction, but are they? It is important to cast the net very wide when gathering information and testing public opinion.

Market research can be misleading, and so you should find ways of testing the water with minimal expense; do not fully commit to some advertising or promotional campaign until you have seen real results and not just projections. Estimations and models which create projections can fail, which is why only real life results are good indications – get data from other industries or countries to check out the results others have had.

Reviews, endorsements, and recommendations are very valuable, and you should seek these for your business or you personally. Getting the best referees for your CV may be more vital than anything else on that CV/resume.

This is a time of culmination; you can feel something is about to happen – something which will bring success and achievement but which still requires more work than you had anticipated. This can be a last minute dash to dot I’s, cross T’s to make sure things come to fruition as you anticipated.

You can resent anything that limits your freedom or scope of action, and yet you have to respect structures and limitations, and if someone offers a word of warning, listen! This is a time to pump the brakes rather than accelerate – you are in the mood to accelerate for sure, but hold back, the time is not ripe.

Aquarius Career Forecast February 2020

In any career, the personal touch is vital. If you are a nurse or in a caring career, this is a month when your unique skills regarding offering comfort, calming people in distressing situations or giving emotional guidance are more important and also more demanding than ever. Even for those of you in careers like law, you may find you are more drawn into your client’s problems on a personal level. This is definitely not a detached time for you at work as you will encounter real issues close to your heart or perhaps close to a family member, and that will mean you are far more emotionally connected to what you do. This will mean you will work a little differently and perhaps less objectively, but all the same, you will have that little bit extra care and concern which could make a very big difference.

In admin jobs, you may find yourself running personal errands for your boss or having to cover for a colleague who is having trouble in their personal life which is impacting on their work.

In general, Aquarians will be inspired by the closer interaction with the public this month – in whatever career you are in, you will see how your work affects real people, and so it will not just be about sitting in an office making decisions, you will have to confront the consequences and often account for them directly to those affected. This can be daunting and give you a new level of accountability; it can also be rather eye-opening.

Pisces Career Forecast February 2020

Many adjustments at work can mean things fluctuate and routines are disrupted. It is a good month to establish new routines to increase efficiency, and time spent organising your office and categorising or colour coding is not wasted.

This month, it is important not to micro-manage; you need to know when you can do no more on a project and need to draw it to a close. You must delegate, and this is a good month to recruit an assistant or new employee. It is important to divide your time wisely as there will be new projects begging for your attention, along with others which need tying up. Temporary employees or contracting out is an important consideration for you, as your workload will increase in the next few months, and so you need to gear up for that now.

Regarding office work, there may be disruptions to the flow of work due to a recruitment drive and initiation taking place.

Subtle changes which occur within your work this month will have implications down the line – this means you need to be alert and observant as some changes may affect your contract, your terms or conditions, and it may not be obvious immediately that that will happen.

Work-life balance is a vital consideration this February: I mentioned in the first category that health is under the spotlight this month; it may become clear to you that it is impossible to be healthy in your current job or role, maybe because you work odd hours, travel far, or never have enough time to eat. This link between bad health habits and work will now be obvious and can be a catalyst to change job or position later in the year.

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