Sunday, December 29, 2019

Taurus Love Horoscope January 2020

taurus monthly love predictions january 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope January 2020 for Taurus

Friendships may turn into love and then back again, and so as long as you are not investing too much in the relationship, this can provide an interesting interlude.

Communication is vital in relationships and marriage this month, and it is a time when you can get things off your chest in a very productive way. In fact, you should use this opportunity to discuss matters to do with the long-term direction of your relationship; if you do not take the chance now, certain things may fester and lead to mounting irritation.

Taureans are feeling the need for a relationship audit – it is not enough to plug on with no direction, you feel the need to establish some new goals, i.e., looking for a new home, new schools for the kids, perhaps thinking about life insurance, extending the home, a holiday home, etc. – you need things to work towards, something that brings you together and keeps the spirit of adventure and joint enterprise in the relationship. You and your husband may design a new home together, plan an exciting holiday or begin a new activity together that transforms your life. It is all about keeping things from falling into a rut and doing activities which add a new element to your life and which you can bring complementary skills to.

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