Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sagittarius Love Horoscope January 2020

sagittarius love january 2020 predictions

Monthly Love Horoscope January 2020 for Sagittarius

Your senses are heightened, and you can appreciate art, music, and beauty to a great extent which fuels your imagination and your romantic side, making this a good month for personal relationships.

This is a fabulous month for saying I LOVE YOU or for finally asking someone you have admired for a long time out – why wait until Valentine’s Day? This is the month of romance in 2020 for Sagittarius and so get the ball rolling and start new romantic relationships.

Many Sagittarians may write about love this month either in terms of fiction books, prose, poetry, or lyrics, and this can serve two purposes: it can enable those who are not in relationships to experience love and romance in an escapist fashion, and for those in relationships you can stimulate yourself sexually so that real life encounters are more fulfilling.

In many ways, entertainment and feeling romantic and sexually aroused go hand in hand, and so it may be a copy of 50 Shades, some Barry Manilow, or a romantic movie, but your imagination needs to be stimulated to give you sexual confidence. Time spent imagining what would fulfil you in the bedroom (perhaps with ideas from steamy novels) and then acting it out can help relationships be more exciting and satisfying rather than just letting things develop as they always have.

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