Sunday, December 29, 2019

Leo Love Horoscope January 2020

leo monthly love predictions january 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope January 2020 for Leo

Sexual issues this month are linked to changing sexual needs and attitudes – Leo need depth, and lack of fulfilment in the sex life will really bug you, and you will want to get the better of it. Your physical needs and desires need an outlet, and you may even provoke an argument to give you a chance to voice something which is harder to say in regular conversation.

You need to recognise sexual desires, and it may be down to you to devise ideas on how to best satisfy these; do not leave it up to your partner to use a hit and miss strategy, tell him/her what you need and guide them.

Quality in sexual relationships rather than quantity is the key; you need a full range of expression in your life, and frustration in the sexual department can seep into other areas of life, undermining communication and cooperation.

Some new relationships can reach second base quite quickly as Leo are eager to test the sexual compatibility. Usually, it is better to develop trust first; however, somehow sex is the key to many other relationship issues for Leo, and so when that goes right, the rest flows.

Often arguments in relationships are related to subconscious sexual issues, and so even if you do not think it is about sex, it is.

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