Saturday, December 28, 2019

Capricorn Love Horoscope January 2020

capricorn love predictions january 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope January 2020 for Capricorn

You are very cheerful this month; you are witty and amicable and will strike up an immediate rapport with people. This is a very good month for socialising, which could lead to romance. Romance tends to spring from casual and non-pressure situations where you feel relaxed. It is common for friendships that have a potential for love to start in work related or study related environments.

Marriage and long-term relationships will be enjoyable and free from stress or irritation as you are both accepting and also accommodating. The biggest problem in relationships is that you will be saying, “No you decide … No, you decide … please, I don’t mind.” There can be quite a bit of vacillating in deciding what to do as neither of you wants to be domineering, and both of you are eager to please.

It is a month where you are likely to enjoy cinema trips, theatre outings, cosy nights in with a good book or short trips to places of cultural interest. You are both feeling romantic, but also proactive, and so you will not waste the good vibes offered in January by being lazy; you will make sure you put in the effort to make life fun and memorable and also great in bed.

Single Capricorns may express their romantic side via music or art as even if you do not have a lover currently to indulge, you still want to give vent to the romantic within you.

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