Thursday, November 28, 2019

Virgo Overview in December 2019

virgo in december 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope December 2019

With Mercury direct from the 6th it is all systems go for December, and you can get back to where you wanted to be with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose. Lost ground can be made up fast, and hurdles seem to fall by the wayside – internally, you feel better about what you are doing, and you can make fresh commitments and take on greater responsibility with the knowledge that you can cope. It is not just about what you want and need to do; you can get people on board with your ideas, and in the spirit of Christmas, you will be singing from the same hymn or carol sheet. Time to press down on the accelerator and race off into the New Year with some gusto. Yes, Virgo are not just seeing out the year, you are riding off into the sunset with dust billowing from your horse’s heels.

Often you cannot look to others to support you as they are looking to you to support them; so you need to draw on the strength to support both yourself and others, and guess what, you have more than enough emotional energy to handle that which gives you a sense of your own power and inner reserves.

Issues from the past can make a return – in some cases, these will be wistful memories that float in and out of your consciousness, and at other times, they can be thunderclouds which come in at a moment’s notice and cause a hailstorm of emotions. It is hard to bottle anything up, and events which have been cast to the back of your mind often make a return with a vengeance like an unwanted gate crasher who demands attention and admission to the conscious world.

Work and family take up most of your time, and you may socialise with work colleagues more than you do with friends. Work has great relevance to you right now, and it is natural that you have the most in common with colleagues or professional peers.

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