Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Taurus Overview in December 2019

taurus in december 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope December 2019

Taurus are reviewing the year, and you are rather pleased with how things have panned out – some years, you make things happen; some years things happen to you, and other years you wonder what the hell happened. With Taurus, you tend to make things happen in zones and build fortresses of protection against change in other spheres, but this year you have been more open to change, and you have come to terms with power and sharing issues, and this has given more spiritual contentment.

Power struggles right now become less of an issue going forward as you are more aware of what drives the other person psychologically, and you know that fighting it reinforces the problem and is not the way forward, and so you submit and deal with it more subtly.

Taurus are concerned with what goes on among friends and loved ones, and you are eager to give practical help to assist friends weather crisis.

While your social life is pretty colourful and you are attracting more unusual and vibrant friends, you must draw some boundaries and shield yourself to what could be demands and a desire from these friends to be ‘saved’ by you.

Loyalty to some friends or groups of friends could be misplaced. Your own changing inner needs can be reflected in you attracting new people into your life who do reflect a new you rather than the old you and friends who no longer match your inner development will fade away gently into the night.

This is a very interesting time regarding your social life which is more quirky and vibrant than usual and also plugged into the changes you are going through spiritually in terms of your search for greater meaning and purpose.

This is quite a glamorous time, and Taurus should have some parties to attend and invites to some sparkling events which bring just a little Hollywood into your life.

The waxing period good for new starts and beginnings is between December 7 and December 22. With Mercury direct on the 6th, this period is good for almost all activities, with one warning, DO NOT START A VICE; addiction can easily begin now, and so do not get tempted or try drugs or cigarettes at any cost.

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