Friday, November 22, 2019

Taurus Love December 2019

taurus in love december 2019

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Taurus are more upfront and less likely to resort to manipulative tactics; you realise that negative tactics like manipulation or attitudes like pride leave you open and emotionally vulnerable to others, and thus are not the way forward.

Some aspects of your partner’s behaviour may irritate you right now, but play close attention as many of these very things that annoy you are a reflection of your own discontent. Have you ever had one of those arguments where you describe what your partner is doing which you object to only for them to describe how that is exactly what you do yourself? Taurus must do your best to control your yearnings and desires and look to fulfil them yourself or address them in positive ways without recourse to the blame game.

Disagreements right now can be based on principles rather than events or facts – you may see things from opposite perspectives and have a slightly different take on how the facts stack up on one side or another.

There can be more sexual opportunities in new relationships – indeed, sex plays a greater role in your new relationships and can be a gateway to deeper understanding rather than just a physical act.

An increase in your spouse’s income can be a boost to joint finances and change the way you see your prospects as a couple.

Taurus are keen to act out fantasies sexually, and nothing seems impossible, so you are willing to act spontaneously before your usual sexual reserve says, “Hey, this is Sagittarian territory, what the hell are you doing?” Some of your impulses may seem out of character and hard to explain regarding your usual personality, and you can be rather restless and impatient, but that is a good thing as you can break self-defeating rules and routines.

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