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Taurus Health and Career December 2019

taurus december 2019: health and career

Taurus Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Jupiter’s entry into your 8th house brings an opportunity for psychological healing and increased awareness of how hidden emotions and instinctual reactions power relationship dynamics – while we cannot change others as they need to want to change themselves, we can change how we react, and that can actually force them to change as they often rely on playing to our habitual reactions.

Sex life becomes an area of life that increases in importance for Taurus from now for the next few months, a desire for better sex and more fulfilment from that area of life propels you to delve deeper in sexual hang ups and problems you and your partner may have, to discover the biological or psychological factors at play. Solving sexual problems can be the key to greater understanding, increased intimacy and growth for you both as a couple. It is almost as if the key to other relationship problems lies within a sexual enigma, and once solved other problems in different areas pan out.

Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

Taurus can benefit from settlements regarding insurance and legal claims – things pending for a long time can finally come through. Tax rebates or generous tips or gifts from clients can swell the coffers ahead of Christmas.

You may also benefit from gifts in kind or even barter situations where you exchange goods or services with others.

A new car or company car may be on the cards.

Taurus should use December for some forward financial planning for 2020, especially regarding tax planning and the way your debt structure affects your tax. It is also a time to draw up repayment forecasts with the idea of getting your debt under control in 2020.

Good planning and solid decision making now can lead to very positive financial outcomes in the next eight months. Remember, “Simply by making the effort to start something, you will be miles ahead of almost everyone else.” ~Gary Player New business relationships started now will only thrive if there is a solid philosophical connection, i.e., does your business have a credo or a mission statement? Do you believe in what you do and how you do it or is it all about the bottom line? If your business is about more than profit, then make sure your business partners have the same ethos, or it will not work out.

Coordination via your groups is the best way to achieve goals – you are full of ideas, but you need to get others behind you and fire them up with the same passions and ideals so that you can draw on their talents in a pooling of effort. Put the ego on the shelf and listen to others; you want to lead, but you do not want to dominate. While Taurus are people people, you are not always group people as that stubborn streak often makes you an unyielding team member; however, this month group and team efforts can come off without anyone feeling as if their toes have been stepped on. You can feed off the energy of the team and can actually get more out of yourself as you revel in the team spirit both in the ups and downs.

The goal is important, but so is the joint journey – you can bring gifts in others to the fore, and so the goal tends to generate many positive side effects for you all.

With Mercury direct, most negotiations and discussions start flowing again, with you all turning the corner and moving on, accepting mistakes we made but not dwelling on blame. Mistakes can often be reassessed as simply different ingredients making the same cake in the end.

A very inspiring month creatively, excellent for generating ideas. Careers involving dance, photography, theatre, art, cinema, choreography, and romantic novel writing get a real boost.

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