Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Scorpio Love December 2019

scorpio in love december 2019

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

This is not a patient month, and you do not really have the time to listen to your partner. If your partner has a problem you will be free with advice, perhaps too free in that you will tend to lecture or even moralise, but even so you will give them a positive pep talk. Scorpio want to cultivate positivity, and that includes in the marriage where you encourage an optimistic, forward-looking approach.

You are very forgiving right now, and the small things will not bother you; as long as life is dynamic, you are quite happy to brush anything under the carpet. When I say dynamic, I mean that you and your partner are engaged in many projects and activities. If your partner is just sitting about or being lazy, you will make your own arrangements, and off you go. Freedom matters to Scorpio in life, and you resist control.

New relationships must be all about discovery this month; Scorpio will not be attracted to homebodies or people who do not like to try new things as you are all about new things right now.

Scorpio won’t want to hear the word NO too many times this month – you come on strong with your proposals and your point of view and opposition is not welcome. You enjoy debate and discussion on an intellectual level but not where it slows progress or stifles an opportunity to get out and about and have fun.

While I have talked much about Scorpio’s need for fun, you are not thrillseeking recklessly; in fact, you are rather mature and responsible, you are also more self-assured. Scorpio tend to be more free of stress and guilt, and that is while you can embrace life in a more wholehearted way especially your private life and relationships.

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