Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sagittarius Love December 2019

sagittarius in love december 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Likeable and charming this is a time when your pulling ability is enhanced; however, you can be attracting a fan club of both wanted attention and some unwanted attention from those whose interest is perhaps not so healthy. You are very open right now, and you can reveal too much too soon and become an open book, and so some more caution and reticence is required; better to talk about your favourite music and film than perhaps your deeper emotions and needs.

Your social circle will expand as you are magnetic and very relaxed – you may become a little more bohemian in your lifestyle in that anything goes, and you are not so fussed about rules; your home may become open house for new friends and relatives. You enjoy being in company, and yet you often like to sit back and observe rather than actively participate.

You have to watch out for leading yourself up a garden path in romantic situations, often at this time of year common sense goes out the window, and many engage in romance as if December is a ‘disconnect zone’ where you can get away with anything and so folks are more prone to infidelity, that means you have to be on alert for lies. When you meet new people make sure that they really are available and avoid anyone on the rebound or recently divorced or separated.

Sagittarians in marriage are extremely giving, and you want to go the extra mile for the sake of love and the higher ideals of love which you believe in.

You enjoy making sacrifices if you are truly in love; however, if you have fallen out of love you can be very evasive and even fake as you attempt to put on a face while more ambivalent emotions rage below.

You are at ease with almost anyone and can adapt to almost any situation; you are quite secure even when far from home and wherever you lay your hat, become your home even if just for the evening. You could enjoy trips to see the family or friends where you stay one night here one night there. You are far more open.

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