Friday, November 15, 2019

Sagittarius Health and Career December 2019

sagittarius december 2019: health and career

Sagittarius Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Be cautious about who you surround yourself with this month as you are highly impressionable. Not only do you soak up prevailing emotions like a sponge you also tend to follow the pack when it is against your self-interest.

There is a big pull to go with the flow and to get carried away by circumstances. You really can get caught up in the moment, and while that can take you to great highs, it can also dump you down and leave you wondering what the hell happened. So, think ahead and make sure that you are going to surround yourself with what you need and that should be positivity and generosity of spirit; stay away from people who are likely to become irresponsible or who get toxic when inebriated – which of course is par for the course in this Christmas season.

You need to be very careful of all drugs both prescribed and otherwise. If you are taking a new prescription medicine, read the label carefully and be cautious about taking alcohol with it or mixing it with painkillers or other remedies. You should get advice from your pharmacist before you take tablets and be aware of side effects. You should not mix pharmaceuticals with herbal/holistic medicine – choose one or the other and take as directed only.

Moderation in everything is essential and so have fun and enjoy everything the season has to offer but not too much of anything. Get enough sleep and use a good antibacterial hand gel as this season is more touchy feely and also more coughy sneezy and Sagittarians are susceptible to colds and flu right now.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

This month is exceptionally creative and artistic, it is not just successful for those who are actually doing the creative stuff, i.e., the performing or the acting, it is also very successful for those who are managing or arranging an artistic or entertainment orientated events or tour.

Those who manage businesses or own their own business and who want to run seasonal or festive themed promotions are highly imaginative, and you can have a terrific result with not very much money spent.

Demand honesty from others and put them on the spot – this is a time to double check what others tell you and get everything in writing. Save emails and all correspondence and read small print – you may come across people who are not so diligent with the facts and who want to blast you with fairy dust to distract you from reality.

Be extra cautious about who you confide in and who you trust – it is the season to be jolly, and you should absolutely go for that and be friendly and wholehearted, but keep up a guard and be sceptical. Keeping secrets is vital and so if someone shares a confidence with you carry that especially close to your chest.

This is an excellent time for actors and dancers as you are excellent at becoming your role and believing in your character – you breathe life into what is fictional and have a wonderful performance presence.

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