Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Pisces Health and Career December 2019

pisces december 2019: health and career

Pisces Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Your idealism helps you cope with many different situations this month. You are able to see the positives and the bigger picture and that keeps you going.

This is a time where you are psychologically more buoyant and both healing and forgiveness are possible. The results of any counselling, therapy or selfawareness initiatives you got involved in pay dividends and you can feel spirit lifting and the tide turning. A wonderful month to look towards the future, the seeds you planted are bearing fruit and you garden looks swell!!

I would avoid alcohol as much as possible this month – while and alcohol free December may seem one bit of austerity too far, Pisces can benefit from being saying no to the odd tipple.

You can use visualisation techniques with great effect and so rehearse things in your head and focus on those positive outcomes, Remember that for added potency visualisation must include great detail as well as touch, smell sound etc. Your power to bring about positive events via repeating vivid mental pictures in your head is heightened, but on the flipside so is your ability to bring about bad circumstances and so make sure you use thoughts wisely.

Dancing and water sports are favoured.

Performance relate to movement are very successful and enchanting.

Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

A time where your status goes up a notch. You are thinking a great deal about career, money and business plans. In some cases Pisces may pop a few CVs/resumes in the post to be opened first thing in the New Year. You can take advantage of the fact that others are slowing down and checking out for the year, by seizing the initiative and taking a sneaky advantage.

Pisces are highly opportunistic right now and you are able to capitalise on even small hint and leads – you sense the gold dust in what other may regard as irrelevant.

Public speaking engagements are more likely and you may also travel in connection with your job to make a presentation or facilitate trade.

Pisces who are in education or studying will see a very hectic run up to Christmas and in addition to the work you are already committed to you will no doubt take on more and jump in to volunteer.

You are very effective at selling right now – you can use positivity and also your emotional intelligence to get the pitch just right. You can reach sales targets with ease. This is a good time to get people signing up for travel or leisure activities in the New Year.

An excellent time to make an impression on your boss or indeed to influence an authority figure, you have an added fluency and ability to communicate with those who may know a lot more than you. Even if you are speaking to someone vastly more experienced, you are able to impress them with your ideas and thoughts and they will spot a potential in you.

December is also a time when you can blag your way out of trouble – you seem to have the right words or humour to mask a number of other flaws. AS they say, it will all be alright on the night as you have so much good luck right now.

While you are enjoying seasonal activities and are very conversational, you are ‘kop on’. You never forget your aims and you stay alert and on the ball.

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