Libra Overview in December 2019

libra in december 2019

Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2019

This month is ripe with opportunity for expansion of the mind and also your daily life. Suddenly, even the ordinary aspects of your daily grind have added elements to make them more exciting. Life rarely follows a tedious pattern right now as events crop up, people surprise you, and there are communications which bring good news.

This is the start of an excellent phase for those studying or preparing reports or research papers. You can take on a great deal of information and make sense of it, and you can convey that information to others in a way that brings clarity and inspires the receiver.

Travel for Christmas is highly likely – most Librans will not stay at home for the holiday, and you could travel very long distances to see family or just to get away from it all. With Mercury direct after the 6th, most travel plans come together with perfection even if they are spur of the moment.

Social life steps up a notch, and you will not be turning down too many invites as you are in a fun-loving mood ready to grab any chance you have to party.

The moon waxes from the 7th to the 22nd, making this period ideal for lift-off in terms of most activities, so a good zone for decision-making, plan implementation, and changes. The only thing this period is not great for is diets, fitness, and lifestyle changes – you are just not committed to these goals, and anything you start will tend to drift.

There is a chance to press the reset button when it comes to parental relationships – however, this may be more about you changing than your parents. Parents are older and very set in their ways; often it is impossible to bring them around to new ways of behaving, especially in relation to you, and so the onus is on us to change the way we absorb their actions and criticisms.

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