Friday, November 15, 2019

Libra Health and Career December 2019

libra december 2019: health and career

Libra Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

The two vital elements of short-term health are positivity and distraction. I often notice how the doctor’s surgery is less busy when it’s sunny or when the holidays are coming – it is almost as if when folks have better things to do, health concerns slip off the priority list, or perhaps you just don’t notice those niggles as your mind is occupied with pleasant thoughts.

For Librans, December has ample distractions and oodles of positivity, meaning you feel great! There is a but coming, however – I did say ‘short-term health’ is all about positivity and distraction; longer-term health may suffer for all the excess and indulgence in this carefree zone you are in. When I say long run, I mean January, and so make sure that your liver gets a rest for at least a few days before your next party or social gathering.

No alcohol and no meat days this December are really helpful. Dish up smaller portions and make sure food is not accessible, i.e., sitting in inviting little dishes on the table. Have plenty of healthy snacks, i.e., nuts, dried fruit, sushi, melon balls or prawn cocktail (with low-fat mayo). Eat regular meals and have small snacks before you go out on the town. Be really conservative about what you eat at least three days of the week. It is important to keep track of what you have eaten as the great problem is that you can get away with so much right now and still feel OK so that you end up storing up a problem for the New Year when you are really going to hate your scale.

Libra Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

Jupiter is bringing you luck regarding sales volume this December – you will be very busy in the Christmas run up and should exceed expectations.

This is an excellent month for any sales or promotional pitch – you can engage an audience and garner interest. Librans are projecting with vibrancy and enthusiasm, and you are pretty hard to ignore. At times, you are rather full on like a blast of ‘Walking on Sunshine,’ and you bring optimism to any situation. Your patience with Debbie Downers will not last long; they are free to get on your positivity bandwagon, or they can just drop off and seek out fellow Scrooges for company.

You are more interested in pushing your views than listening to that of others; although at times you do give a wonderful impression of being ever so fascinated by someone else’s theories when you are hardly listening at all.

This is an excellent time for all learning whether you are training on the job or doing a course – what you learn now tends to be more relevant, and you will use the knowledge you acquire to advance key goals in your life.

December is a wonderful time for any Libra involved in communication – press releases can be more successful, articles you write are more influential, and sales of your publications tend to skyrocket. This is a time when you are very opinionated but not necessarily controversial as you tend to add to what others have said or studied rather than racing off on some off the wall tangent.

Librans may be offered a company car, or you may get a great deal on a new set of wheels.

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