Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope December 2019

gemini weekly forecast in december 2019

Gemini First Week in December 2019

On 1st your progeny will be quite obedient. You’ll invest money in some asset which will give you returns later on. You’ll feel quite sympathetic with the weak and the crippled and may help them liberally. If you exercise restraint on self you may get good result in every endeavour. However, between 2nd & 3rd most of your time will be spent in worthless pursuits. Avoid any discussion or debate during this phase while keeping your tongue in check-else your harsh comments may make marry your foes. Between 4th & 6th you may attend religious functions or discourse. May also go on picnic or a theatre with family. On 7th you may acquire some knowledge of a new technology.

Gemini Second Week in December 2019

Between 8th & 10th you’ll pass most of your time at home. During this phase your income may increase substantially. You could also become very busy. You’ll set your target and do your best to achieve it. But between 11th & 12th the moon in 4th may give you much trouble. Bad news, deceit and deception may perturb you severely. Obstruction in your project may upset you. But between 13th & 15th the moon’s sojourn in 5th make you much interested in fine arts, music, poetry and cultural history etc. You will feel relaxed.

Gemini Third Week in December 2019

Between 16th & 17th any business deal will prove quite profitable. May also go out in its connection. Familial atmosphere will be affectionate and congenial. May get a minor wind-fall. Some happy and unforgettable incident may also happen during this phase. Between 18th & 20th you’ll experience much peace and solace. All your tensions will be vanished. All old disputes and diseases may also end. The house-wives will look after their houses efficiently. May buy new things to decorate their houses. You’ll enjoy sumptuous food. Between 21st & 22nd seasonal change may make you sick. Avoid any journey during this phase. On 23rd the favourable tide will make you winner in all your legal disputes.

Gemini Fourth Week in December 2019

Between 24th & 25th all your govt.-related projects will gathers momentum. Your bank or pension related cases will be decided favourably. May get your due bonus. Between 26th & 27th your Parakrama will show its effect. Outward journeys will be quite productive. New contacts will prove very beneficial later on. Between 28th & 29th you’ll get gain from whatever job you do. All your endeavours will get desired results. You’ll feel satisfaction. May come in contact with the persons placed far off. However, between 30th & 31st, the moon in 12th may add to your worries. Mounting expenses may imbalance your budget. May have to incur some loan to meet your financial commitments. The year may end on a disappointing note. You may face insult in some year-ending party or function. So be careful.

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