Friday, November 22, 2019

Gemini Love December 2019

gemin in love december 2019

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

The first few days of this month may feel like you are rushing from place to place putting out fires in your relationship. It may seem like just when one flare-up is countered, another is on the horizon; some of the issues may be to do with promises unkept or lack of respect, but the bottom line is that there never was ill intent. It was just that life got busy, and you weren’t paying attention. In ongoing relationships, these things will be smoothed over, and often the anger is a result of seasonal stress and end of year chaos more than serious flaws in the relationship.

In new relationships, Gemini may begin to uncover some quite serious issues that could be red lines for you, and so this can be an important month in new relationships as you may begin to realise that you cannot cope with aspects of this person’s personality. Attitudes in connection with control, power games, and forgiveness are key things to be on the lookout for.

Gemini are incredibly indecisive right now; even more so than usual, and that can make you hard to be with, so do allow your partner to vent some frustration.

You are very cautious and will weigh pros and cons in relationships trying to break it down and analyse it. Somehow though there is always something missing, something you cannot put your finger on which makes all the analysis useless. Stop trying to work it out and rather feel it out.

You have a strong desire to communicate in relationships, both for fun and about serious stuff. No matter what else happens, you will keep the lines of communication open.

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