Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gemini Health and Career December 2019

gemini december 2019: health and career

Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Time for a checklist – what do you want and need from life right now, and how are you going to get it? In what positive, proactive ways are you going to get it?

You do not need approval, and you do not need a green light – as an adult, you are responsible for knowing what your needs are and doing what is currently in your power to address them. Do not let anyone tell you what those needs and desires should or should not be. Resisting subtle manipulation or even passive aggressive behaviour is key. Remember to observe, and do not react. Watch and take note of what others do and say rather than reacting mindlessly – be mindful and aware of games others play when you careful plan your next move.

Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

Gemini are not shy of healthy competition, and you are right there with strong opinions and bold new ideas which are more progressive and inspiring. You are straight talking, and although not blunt, you will not beat about the bush when challenging others.

Opportunities may come to you via a male acquaintance. Being dynamic, you are eager to seize opportunities or at least start finding out more; even if you cannot make your mind up right yet, you will certainly feel your gut pulling you in one distinct direction.

You will tend to be more adventurous, especially when it comes to promotions and publicity where you want to go bigger and better than ever before. Grand themes and flamboyant gestures appeal to you.

Gemini are highly creative right now, and your inspiration for writing or art can stem from the need to act out a fantasy or express an ideal. Creatively, nothing seems impossible, and that gives you a great mental freedom to explore ideas and go places you may normally feel are too way out.

Regular routines and practical requirements will bore you, and unless you are highly involved in group activities, reaching a target or something creative, you may feel mentally checked out for the year and busy setting goals for 2020.

Careers in dance, cinema, visual arts, water sports, or entertainment are favoured as is any selling aimed at the emotions.

December 7 to December 22 is the best time to put your foot on the gas or press the start button on projects, especially as Mercury is direct from the 6th.

Raising money, new loans, changes to your assets for tax purposes, pension planning and managing investments/portfolios are all favoured. Perhaps not the best time for starting a new career as the way forward may not be totally clear, and so delay major career decisions until next year. An excellent time for expanding networks and beginning to milk them.

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