Saturday, November 23, 2019

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope December 2019

capricorn weekly forecast in december 2019

Capricorn First Week in December 2019

Between 1st & 2nd be particular to check all the information you receive through phones, e-mail, internet etc., else you may suffer loss. But avoid taking any risk during this phase and use your vehicles or machines very cautiously. Between 3rd & 4th you’ll enjoy a free time in the company of your close ones in utter gaiety and love. Expense may mount but your sources of income may also rise. You’ll feel quite secured financially. Between 5th & 6th your cooperative attitude to work with a team spirit may enhance your efficiency. Your wishes may multiply but some of them will be duly fulfilled. On 7th your efficiency will be further honed up with your enhancing personal excellence. You will also keep your home well set and decorated.

Capricorn Second Week in December 2019

Between 8th noon & 10th evening the tide may remain unfavourable. New disputes may crop up. May attend some funeral. You may suffer because of lack of control over your temper. May get only mixed results. Between 11th & 12th most of the problems will stand solved. You’ll lovingly indulge in some games and pursue your hobbies. You’ll enjoy a swell time. Between 13th & 15th your reputation and honour will take an upward swing. You’ll get due credit for all your achievements. You’ll get cooperation at house and at office as well. You’ll finish your jobs well within time.

Capricorn Third Week in December 2019

Between 16th & 17th you may get money from a totally unexpected quarter. You may saddle new responsibilities. Guests will keep on visiting you. Between 18th & 20th cold, cough and other seasonal ailments may trouble you. Religion and its rituals, spiritualism may particularly grab your attention. If you show carelessness in discharging your assigned duties, you may suffer big loss. You may feel quite restive. May lose some of your precious things or a golden ornament. The tide may turn favourable between 21st & 22nd. You’ll achieve your plan no matter what the odds be. May plan a visit outside-sight seeing or going to a religious shrine. The youth will be full of verve and vitality. On 23rd you’ll complete all your pending jobs quite peacefully.

Capricorn Fourth Week in December 2019

Between 24th & 25th with your confidence and capabilities, you’ll manage to leave behind all your rivals. You may participate in the charity work or in public welfare schemes with much enthusiasm. Between 26th & 27th your income may grow with the expansion of your business horizon. If in service you may get promoted as well. The unemployed may get a job. The house-ladies may succeed in showing their culinary talents. Between 28th & 29th you may get the adverse results of whatever you do. May pick up quarrel with your neighbours. Avoid any money intoxicating drug and neither give loan nor receive any during this phase. Between 30th & 31st you’ll have a knowledge enriching phase. You’ll emerge victorious in any contest or competition in whatever you participate. You’ll celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the new year with great fun and enthusiasm.

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