Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Capricorn Love December 2019

capricorn in love december 2019

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Meetings with potential lovers can happen at work parties and also parties connected to your hobbies and outside interests. This month love sparks fly between those with similar interests and passions, and the deeper the passion, the deeper the love. Not a time where you hook up with someone with nothing in common, communication drives the relationship, and without that, it falters.

In marriages you will entertain more and invite mutual friends over – often greater interaction with friends helps your marriage over any rough patches and can encourage more appreciation and romance.

You are likely to take things at face value now, and you are happy to just go with the flow and not to linger over deeper meanings – innuendo goes over your head as you are quite straightforward.

There is less confusion, and situations arise in love which give you a ‘Eureka’ moment where your mind is eased as things fall into place. Increased stability brings security, and you feel more relaxed regarding your domestic life. You tend to be fatalistic and not to worry too much about what you cannot control – you take the moment for what it is, and you enjoy that.

A time to enjoy life and to surround yourself with friends and family – love and romance blossom the more social you are and so don’t be homebodies, be outgoing as a couple and get involved in community and social projects.

Capricorn are feeling very giving and charitable and are looking for way to give back this December, but it is even better if you get your partner involved; it could be the start of a whole new chapter, You are entering a time of inner healing when guilt and toxic emotions from the past tend to become diluted, and you can feel that already in relationships as you have this automatic reflex to look forward not back, and you feel old pains and hurts numbing – this is wonderful for the future health of new and existing relationships.

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