Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Capricorn Health and Career December 2019

capricorn december 2019: health and career

Capricorn Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Capricorn have to be careful of their health this month as Neptune makes you more vulnerable to viruses especially related to chest infections. Take some colloidal silver as a supplement or as soon as you feel a cold coming on.

Zinc, Vitamin C, Co-Enzyme Q10 and adding turmeric to food all help keep you healthy. Get enough sleep and limit alcohol, yes, I know I do not want to suck the joy out of the party season, but Capricorns should keep it down to a few glasses of wine. Avoid beer and lager as they build mucous.

Eat more fresh food.

Physical activities like dancing (or rhythmic movement activities) and also water sports can holistically benefit you by relaxing and getting the blood pumping. Avoid high impact sports and strenuous exercise.

Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

You tend to get caught up in things, and you can neglect the details; you are a little scatty right now, and so keep your diary close to hand and set up alerts on your phone to remind you of important dates, messages you must reply to or order to chase up. Definitely a month for notes on the fridge and memos to yourself. So much to do and often those around you cannot be relied upon as they are also somewhat distracted and perhaps not as focused as usual.

Creative endeavours prosper, and you keep coming up with magical, imaginative ways to solve problems and keep up the wow factor. Capricorn are especially strong regarding using visualisation skills and working with images – you can see what an end product looks like in your mind’s eye, and that clear picture allows you to work with your tools and graphics until you have it just so. Whether it is a picture, advertising mock-up, stage design, fashion design or engineering project, your image of how the results need to look drives you forward and almost attracts the inputs required to get you there.

You have greater emotional energy to plough into your work, and that inspires those you work with and also your target audience. You are most creative when working alone, and so you need to schedule some time each day where you get total peace to connect with your muse and fire up the passions. Often your best thoughts come to you at night or even in dreams as you are so plugged into what you are doing.

Regarding projects where you need to protect your copyright or intellectual property, be extra careful and make sure internet connections are safe, and your physical product is kept secure.

A very good month for those who collect royalties.

You have a greater appreciation of nuance, and you can deal well with sensitive situations, tailoring your communications or pitches to hit the right notes.

A very successful and busy time for musicians and also dance/theatre companies who are touring.

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