Monday, November 25, 2019

Cancer Weekly Horoscope December 2019

cancer weekly forecast in december 2019

Cancer First Week in December 2019

Between 1st & 2nd you’ll enjoy a swell time, exchanging jokes in utter entertainment in the company of your close ones. May also buy something in a profitable bargain due to the Moon’s favourable position. Between 3rd and 4th noon this auspicious phase may last. You will work very passionately and enter into certain secret deals in order to realize your dreams in the right earnest. But the period between 4th noon to 7th may be troublesome and tension-giving. Your work pace will be slowed down. Some decisions taken haphazardly may give you loss. But from 7th noon the tide may again turn favourable.

Cancer Second Week in December 2019

On 8th you’ll have a grand day. All your efforts will be crowned with success. Between 9th & 10th you’ll receive admiration from every section of the society. You may notice a change inside you for the better. Most of your time will be consumed in domestic parties, official meetings and professional conferences. Between 11th & 12th you may get good money. Officially you may remain much busy. You’ll have a favourable time, professionally as well as domestically. But the period between 13th & 15th may be quite a trying phase. Stop all your illegal dealings, else you could be arrested by the police or the other govt. agencies.

Cancer Third Week in December 2019

Between 16th & 17th you may plan for expanding your business sphere. Even in service or trading you’ll get many opportunities to progress fast. Between 18th & 20th all the property related disputes will be resolved amicably and the terms with your brothers will be far from being cordial. You’ll be blessed by your parents and other seniors of the family. Between 21st & 22nd you’ll delist a third party’s intervention into your personal sphere. You’ll show your worth by a grand display of your performance. You may offer to sacrifice. Your every possession for your spouse. On 23rd you must keep a check on your tongue and temper, else you may upset your own apple-cart.

Cancer Fourth Week in December 2019

Between 24th & 25th a complaint against you could be lodged with your higher authority. If you fail to be careful, you’ll have to repent for your misdemeanour for a long period. You could be blinded in your madness to score first place in any completion, but eventually you’ll have to lag behind. Your mobile could be lost. But between 26th & 27th all your govt. related works will gather momentum. You’ll complete all your financial papers related with your pension, insurance policy etc. Between 28th & 29th you may go out with your kids to enjoy holidays. You’ll have very enjoyable outing with your dear ones. This time shall ever remain memorable for you. Between 30th & 31st you may suddenly receive good gifts, bonus, extra allowance or unexpected refunds may delight you. You’ll see the year 2019 off and welcome the coming year 2020 with much pomp and show.

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