Thursday, November 28, 2019

Cancer Overview in December 2019

cancer in december 2019

Cancer Monthly Horoscope December 2019

Cancerians are set to go out of this year with a bang, and your plans for celebrating the holiday will be bigger and better with fun, entertaining, and possibly travel planned. With Mercury going direct on the 6th, travel plans for both shorter and very long trips should work out well and be exhilarating.

You may well look to spend the holidays doing something out of your usual routines or travelling long distances to see family.

Those of you involved in study or teaching will see a very busy end to the year with many large projects coming together at once and possibly the chance to attend conferences or workshops, and so there is much to pack in before the holidays, and it is a hectic but fruitful time both academically and socially.

Cancerians may also get more involved in political activities, but you have a strong bent to non aggressive protest and the peaceful resolution of differences.

Entertaining for pleasure or for work-related purposes is very successful, and you can use the festive season for events to further many of your pet causes or even raise money. The end of this year is excellent for performers and those in entertainment; retail is also favoured, especially regarding leisure and luxury items.

You have a strong need for adventure and also fantasy, and so you will look for ways to bring romance and imagination into your life – this means you have a much greater attraction to arts, music, and theatre, and anything which fires up the creative and sentimental side of your nature.

Your ability to relate to and also to create excitement in the lives of your children are given a boost, and you may be more involved in seasonal activities with your children, perhaps enjoying it through the prism of their naive perception.

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