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Aries Health and Career December 2019

aries december 2019: health and career

Aries Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Bone health issues may come to light, and there are a number of things you need to think about. Are you getting enough calcium? Often you either have a shortage of calcium or a shortage of iron, as these two minerals cannot be absorbed together and supplements that have both in are pretty well useless as they inhibit each other’s absorption. If you think you are calcium deficient, find a quality supplement.

At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, we do not get much quality light, and you may have a shortage of vitamin D which can also affect bones as well as your immune system, and so make sure you get some vitamin D3.

Arthritis may flare up, and so eat foods with low acidity or even drink alkaline water (available online). To help arthritis and any inflammation issues (associated with injury), limit dairy, processed and all white foods (i.e. white sugar, flour, bread, pasta). Turmeric taken with honey aids swelling and joint pain.

Jupiter brings success in terms of improving health where you are both positive and proactive – you do not have to be very strict, but you do have to have a committed attitude.

Aries Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

Your greatest strength this month is knowing your limitations and also how to work around them. Often you can take a weakness, work on it, and realise that you are actually quite good at it and were just going about it the wrong way – things in that regard can suddenly click for you.

This December represents a period of quite satisfying culmination where you feel the efforts of the year have paid off, and you are now in a position to take that momentum forward.

There can be increased responsibility not only via your position in the command chain but also via obligations to government bodies or other corporations.

Recognition and news of a pay rise or improvement in job situations can come to you this month.

Working within systems is the best way to get the most done, and so appeasement of your superiors and retraining that natural hot-headed approach will see you make faster progress with better results. Not a time to cut off your nose to spite your face; pick your battles, and do not start fighting causes that are not pivotal to your core aims.

A positive month for buying and selling – if you trade, this should be a strong Christmas season with robust sales of products especially products that are imported, connected to communications, or sporting goods.

Work in social care and the medical fields are busy but inspiring, and a comradery can help you cope with increased workload.

While Saturn brings the need for commitment and hard work with strong management skills, Jupiter brings enjoyment, progress, and zest to keep you and others going.

It is a very strong yet serious minded end to the year, and Aries are keen to go out, perhaps not with a bang, but with plenty of bang for their buck – yes, results count, and you are nailing this ‘end of the year’ making sure you hit targets and impress your clients, colleagues, and superiors.

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