Monday, November 18, 2019

Aquarius Love December 2019

aquarius in love december 2019

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Friends play a very important role in your life and for Aquarians who are not with family this holiday season, friends can easily fill that gap. They say you can choose your friends, you cannot choose your family, and that readily applies this month.

You are in a highly romantic frame of mind, and you are keen to get into the mood of the season and make an effort to add sparkle and imagination to your love life.

In new relationships Aquarians are a little passive; you want your partner to open up to you, and you are taking a step back and waiting to see how they come forward. You may be playing a game ever so slightly but not in a nefarious way; it is just that you have been doing quite a bit of the running and game making and now you want to see what they are prepared to bring to this party, emotionally and spiritually.

There is a greater desire to act out fantasies in love, and you are more idealistic about love, its meaning and the way it can be a form of pleasurable escapism. You wish to escape in a love bubble with your partner and a romantic break away without the kids is a must even for one night so you can experience the real world melting away for just a few hours.

Relationships with partners who are highly practical and rooted in the mundane will suffer, and you may just have to retreat into your imagination.

You are restless and impatient with routine; you will seek ways to brighten up life and experience life and sex on a different level. Aquarians want to escape from reality, and you would rather do this with your partner, but if they are not up for the ride, you will just have to do it without them.

You feel that nothing should be impossible right now and you act on a whim throwing caution to the wind often. Your impulses and desires are hard for even you to explain or understand and you do best with a partner who is happy to just go with the flow, hop on board for the ride and leave the cares of the world far behind as you both become free spirits again.

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