Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Aquarius Health and Career December 2019

aquarius december 2019: health and career

Aquarius Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

A very busy time where there is so much going on in your head on a literal and factual level, but also on a fantasy and interdimensional level. You are very psychic and may have dreams or insights that are quite prophetic.

Feelings and hunches tend to be more tangible, and you can work with these feelings and get sense from them. You may consult with a clairvoyant or psychic and readings right now can be more penetrative than in the past. It is said that we all have our future written on our foreheads and should we wish, we could read it ourselves in a mirror, but most of us do not wish to know.

Good psychics can read that future as long as we do not hold up our hand to stop them from seeing what is there – many times we do hold up that hand (figuratively) as perhaps we do not subconsciously want to see behind the veil. But right now, Aquarians are open to information and suggestion from other dimensions, and it will come to you. You may see ghosts or sense energies in a room more readily.

This is an excellent time to work on chakra energy and release blockages with kundalini massage, reiki or even eating foods on the basis of colour coding to target problem chakras. Each chakra has an energy associated with a colour and often food of the same colour can work harmoniously with that chakra.

Avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) a common food additive and do not have any vaccines this month. Eat only food cooked in extra virgin oils and not animal fat or cheap oils.

Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope December '19

Group related activities once again take off, and you find it easy to click with others regarding getting projects off the ground or making a difference.

Networking events are very successful and so make sure you have business cards at the ready (loads of people lose their phones at this time of year so why not try this old-fashioned method.)

It is time to widen your social circle and mingle with people who are from different walks of life and who have had experiences you cannot even imagine – this can help open your eyes to new possibilities.

December is great for sowing seeds to explore in the new year, put the feelers out, make suggestions to others, make sure that when they wake up on January the 2nd it is your name and your proposal they think about. A very good time to get more followers on Twitter or add to your email lists substantially and so make sure any communications you send out or invoices or receipts have your social media details on and perhaps even an incentive to follow you or sign up for a newsletter.

A favourable time for making speeches and getting media attention for your books, your work or your launch.

Nurture the valuable connections in your life – touch base with all your contacts and even the colleagues you only see a few time in the year; make everyone feel part of the team and excited about the New Year. Right now Aquarians have to be the motivators, the ones who inject a spirit of enterprise, discovery, and fight into the workplace. Make your colleagues feel part of a bigger plan, of something worthwhile not just a cog in a wheel of endless daily grind. It is up to you to create the meaning and get others excited about the vision. In work, it is about the value you create, the human potential you cultivate, the value to society, ethics, and not just the bottom line.

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