Sunday, October 27, 2019

Virgo Love Horoscope November 2019

virgo in love november 2019

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope November 2019

Once the egos go back on the shelf, everything in love flows a lot easier. This month, there is energy to work cooperatively in love; no need to walk away from drama because you can both chat like adults and come to some resolutions over a laugh.

You may need your partner’s help or perspective on a problem unrelated to the marriage/partnership and discussing this can help bring you together and open up the channel of communication once again.

Regarding sex, the communication about the how, when, and how much often comes to an end when the relationship reaches a stable plateau, and this often means one or both of you feel dissatisfied but do not really know how to get things either back on track or onto a new less robotic track. Watching some porn or reading some erotic books together can stimulate conversation and can almost give you permission to ask questions like, “Should we try this or that?” when it can be very hard to say that out of the blue.

On the whole, the love sector of life is more vivacious and fast-paced, and there is certainly the chance for positive changes that enhance sexual pleasure and improve the fun factor, and so take the ball and run with it; this is not an opportunity to be wasted.

The arena of love is a little like a Shakespearian Comedy right now; luckily not a tragedy, right? A comedy because although there may be some differences, you can resolve conflicts and misunderstandings fast with some meaningful changes and lessons being learned. There is tension, laughter, lively banter, social nights out, and a fair degree of sexual frivolity.

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