Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Taurus November Overview 2019

taurus november 2019 predictions

Taurus Monthly Horoscope November 2019

This is a very interesting month with Mercury going retrograde on the same day Venus goes direct, on the 16th; Mars entering Pisces on the 15th and the true node entering Cancer, and so the complexion of the month changes midway with a different feel and perhaps some crunching gear changes.

You are very adaptable to the needs of others and willing to go that extra mile – but do not for one moment think this will be reciprocated. Do it for love or because you want to, not as some emotional investment. Relationships with women (especially mothers, aunts, or even grandmothers) tend to be very significant right now, and these relationships can deepen via a period of crisis. Expect relationships, business or personal, to have ups and downs.

The new moon is on November 7, and it waxes until the 23rd. During this waxing phase, Mercury is retrograde until the 16th and so major press releases should not be put out; any papers presented for a university course or for publication must have facts scrupulously checked, and the content proof read before the 16th. Until Mercury is direct, you should avoid major decisions about your children, stock and share transactions (unless you make them daily anyway), taking out finance, buying a new car or asset for your business and investing in antiques or art. After the 16th Venus is retrograde, and so you should avoid negotiations, working in team environments or recruiting new employees – these activities are best before the 16th.

It is best not to let others interfere in your domestic affairs, and so do not invite comments by asking advice. Often we ask advice, not because we really want or need it, but just because we need to let off steam and discuss an issue. Sometimes we dilute our ability to deal with something by dissolving energy connected to that topic via endless chatter about it.

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