Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Taurus Love Horoscope November 2019

taurus in love november 2019

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope November 2019

Partnerships and also significant relationships are important for Taurus who need a greater degree of emotional support. You will prefer to do things as a pair or with a partner than on your own as even simple things contain greater pleasure when you have company and can share. When you are with someone who matters to you, joys, pleasure, and excitement are magnified, and even banal events can be quite humorous and amusing. Loneliness is felt intensely, and Taurus will make sure they are surrounded by friends or at least a platonic partner so that you can experience that togetherness.

Because of your need for companionship, you are more accommodating and may play the mother role – however, it will not just be you consoling and listening; a problem shared is a problem halved both ways.

Taurus need to experience their emotions reflected back via another in order to understand themselves better. Others awaken strong feelings in you both good and bad, and often a new sexual or romantic partner can start triggering complexes and subconscious reactions very quickly, opening you up for examination and possible re evaluation of yourself and the reflect reactions you get when in a relationship.

Single Taurus may go through partners like orange juice this month – every time thinking you hit the jackpot, but fast becoming disillusioned. This should be seen as a learning process rather than a string of mistakes. It can also be a way to fill an emotional gap with temporary relationships until you settle into a more secure phase where you can deal with being alone in your usual pragmatic way.

If you have recently broken up with a boyfriend, there will be no cooling off period as you are not keen to be alone, but there is no danger of rebound as the new relationship/s fulfil the need of the moment.

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