Thursday, October 3, 2019

Taurus in Love October 2019

taurus love predictions october 2019

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope for October '19

With Venus retrograde in your 7th house, compromise becomes a dirty word, and some frustration and even resentment can build up about the way things are going. Taurus may feel unappreciated and could withdraw or become less cooperative in objection. You are less likely to see things in a charitable light, and your temper (which Taurus have a pretty ferocious one) may be at a level three alert – serious, but not yet critical.

Taurus must focus on the positive and the way your partner brings you joy; you could be thinking the glass is half empty and ready to throw that very same glass on the floor, but that tangible vibe of aggro you are projecting is part of the problem and can lead to a downward spiral which you can arrest.

In some ways, Taurus are not making an issue about what really matters deep down, but over things you do not really want and which do not really satisfy.

Relationship and sexual habits whether you are comfortable with them or not have to be addressed – communicate about those things which have become habitual just because you were too timid (in the early stages of the relationship) or accommodating to mention. Also address those same old stale routines in the way sex gets initiated or carried out – time to boot preconceptions you have about what each other wants out the door. You change, sexual needs change, but habits are hard to break because as relationships progress sex is talked about less and taken for granted (even seen as a chore). Time to give your sex life a shake up: change the time, place, modes, and methods, and discover what you could be getting out of your sex life. That irritation may just evaporate as you discover a sexual renaissance.

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