Saturday, October 26, 2019

Scorpio Love Horoscope November 2019

scorpio in love november 2019

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope November '19

The mercury on the passion thermometer is rising as Scorpio tend to be more passionate and excitable. You have more energy to inject into love life and to be honest that is where you want to focus rather than matters of the mundane.

Scorpio want to inject their life with fantasy, and that means being more imaginative in a creative sense and also in a romantic one. You will resist moves by a partner to drag you back to reality; you want less of reality, and the ideal way to escape it is by making your romantic life and sex life a bubble of escapism and fun.

Scorpio will take a gamble in love, and you are less risk averse when it comes to dating – your ego is stronger, and that enables you to take a nothing ventured nothing gained approach to life.

Scorpio will undergo subtle inner changes which stimulate your desire for novelty in your life, and that includes new relationships. However, often you are experimenting in love, and you may date a few people at the same time or chat online to different people perhaps playing a different role with each. You enjoy people who challenge you and who can push a few buttons and get you revved up. You have more confidence in all interactions with others, and you find it easy to attract attention.

A partner may be more supportive than usual of your creative or business ambitions, and they are more practical than you right now so they have some solid advice to offer.

In love, the best decision is to embrace novelty and embrace fun. In marriage, include the kids in the fun as this is an ideal month to go to theatres, sports events, paint together or create together. Be active as a family and involve your kids with the community, the church or even your home business.

Families that play together stay together. The best way to instil family values in your children is by doing creative and sporting activities with them.

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