Sunday, October 6, 2019

Pisces in Love October 2019

pisces love predictions october 2019

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope for October '19

Sexually you are quite adventurous and also spontaneous – sex can happen in many new places and at different times of the day, In fact widening your ideas about the time and place for sex can be the key to unlocking desire and getting more satisfaction.

You are more romantic and also more forgiving and so the little gripes and niggles do not affect your mood very much.

While you may not fall in love at first sight this month, you are more likely to attract positive experiences with others which can lead to love further down the road. This is a good month to be socially active and to expand your circle of friends, accept invite to events, openings and viewings.

Newer relationship can overcome hurdles and there is the sense of an open road before you where you can race off into the sunset. One problem Pisces have is that you can come over as free and easy or even flippant to a new lover or partner, you need to reassure them and compliment them, make sure you look after them emotionally and do not just assume they know your feelings, say, !I love you often!”

In situations where you have been married a long time, this can be a rejuvenating time when channels of communication open and where you laugh more and enjoy life together once more. Good relationships are reinforced now and even rocky relationships find a way to muddle through and make things work. Advances can be made in term of problems and understanding increases; you are both willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the bigger picture.

A very successful month for couples in business together or starting a business together. Initial progress is swift.

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