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Monthly Health Horoscope October 2019

12 Signs Health Horoscope October 2019

Aries Health October 2019

It is best to avoid alcohol this month as it can make you volatile, and while the initial effect is to make you gregarious and fun loving, things can turn on a dime becoming more maudlin or even angry. Ulcers can flare up and so avoid raw onions, tomatoes, pineapples, fried food, and citrus fruits. Dairy is best avoided unless low fat; try hemp milk or almond milk. Avoid gluten, but do try millet, quinoa, and rice.

Anger and inner tension must be constructively dealt with. You may have to bite your lip especially to do with domestic and family matters, and that build-up of anger can create indigestion, wind, and a flare up of IBS. Physical activity generally helps you deal with any frustrations, but mental games or stimulating discussions can also be a good release as they take your mind away from matters more personal.

Taurus Health October 2019

Work can become an obsession right now with Taurus not able or even willing to switch off. If something grabs your attention, you cannot let it go, and you will grapple with it mentally until you either find a solution or develop a narrative in your mind to explain it. This mental exertion can be quite draining, and yet you may not realise as you are so engrossed, but it can catch up with you later.

Fresh air and some physical activity, even if it is not exercise as such is vital – you need to get the blood pumping, and if sitting for a long time, you must pump your feet up and down to increase circulation in the lower legs.

Vitamin B complex is vital this month as well as foods like oranges, sweet potatoes, turkey, salmon, spinach, walnuts, and avocado. Avoid excess coffee and even green tea – drink more water or diluted fruit juice.

Working alone is less stressful than trying to work where you continually have to refer and liaise with others.

The mind-body connection is very important now and cannot be ignored in any health situation – mind over matter works!!

Gemini Health October 2019

There is a tendency this month to use food to satisfy other needs or to console. If you are bored with your work, you will reach for the sweets or the chocolate, meaning boredom is the biggest threat to diet.

Eating tends to be emotional – you use it to celebrate, to reward, and to soothe, and the challenge for Gemini is to find other ways to give yourself the same kick that sugar or chocolate gives you. Food is a crutch, and you can find more positive non-fattening crutches.

Looking after yourself and pampering yourself is vital this month. This eating I have just talked about could be linked to a feeling that you cannot satisfy yourself in other ways and so food is an easy, quick fix. You must focus on psychological and physical needs and attend to those – not a time to put yourself last on the list.

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for dealing with phobias and habits.

Cancer Health October 2019

Cancerians tend to shoot from the hip; your emotional rev counter jumps into the red fast, and you are not always good at thinking before you speak. While you really feel the need to get things off your chest, it can actually do more damage and cause greater stress if you do, and so counting to ten and walking away serves the end goal far better. It is best not to discuss things with others when you feel that volcanic larvae bubbling; rather let it go and choose to address it at a time when you are feeling calm and can use humour to broach the same topic. You can make your point far better when calm and can also avoid adding fuel to any situations that are already difficult.

This is a good month for keeping busy and conducting a variety of activities; you should not commit to anything which requires long hours of concentration and which is rather laborious, and you just do not have the mental discipline for that, and it will exhaust and frustrate you. Your mind tends to hop from thing to thing, making you suited to multitasking and also interpersonal work. So plan a varied schedule and make your excuses if anyone wants you to commit yourself to some intensive and highly repetitive task.

Avoid chocolate, especially dark chocolate and alcohol. Dandelion and burdock tea are ideal for cleansing the liver and helping you stay calm. Take a supplement with chromium to assist in reducing cravings you may have.

Leo Health October 2019

Make amends! This is a month to use the power of forgiveness. Build bridges and settle disputes as amicably as possible. Walk away from conflict, and do your best not to dip into contentious situations. The sooner you settle, even if it costs you money in the short run, you free up all that energy wrapped up in the argument or battle for more positive and productive things. Do not throw good money, time, and energy after bad in a battle to prove a point, it is just not worth it.

Leo are motivated to have fun, and you are quite happy to play sports and be physical in group situations or where there is an element of fun, some music, or a prize to be won. You are less motivated about strenuous, routine fitness commitments which have no immediate payback, especially if you are doing them alone. So if you want to stay motivated, get a friend or lover to come with you pounding the pavements or breaking a sweat in the gym – make it fun, or you will probably take a rain check.

Being a social month, it is likely you will eat the wrong things and have a little more alcohol than usual. Try and eat before you go out to avoid arriving starving and ready to devour the whole buffet.

Leo are insatiable this month; you tend not to know when enough is enough, and that goes for eating and drinking as well as keeping very long hours.

You are running on positivity, and while you should avoid the dreaded viruses and bugs, you need to make sure you replenish yourself with days of early nights and detox.

Virgo Health October 2019

Virgo are wondering whether the people you have connections with every day are worth the trouble, and you may be thinking of doing a little spring cleaning regarding acquaintances. This may include a Facebook purge of people who have become negative and who no longer contribute to your life in any meaningful way other than to annoy you and get your blood pressure up, and who needs that? The theme is to rid yourself of any person or activity from which annoyance stems or where your energy tends to be drawn for no productive reason. Resist opening emails from those who wish to gossip or argue; this is a negative use of energy not to be rewarded by the universe.

Regarding social activities, less is more, and you may really enjoy reading or some solitary hobby where you can immerse yourself.

This month may see a decision made on whether to start a family or extend your family. This is a good time to start IVF or an adoption process.

Good sex is essential this month, and so to help your sex drive, avoid Gin and Tonic (quinine in tonic lowers testosterone), soya milk, cilantro, and peppermints.

Libra Health October 2019

Librans will act on an instinctive level – many of your impulses stem from a place outside of yourself; it is like you tune into nature or the universe, and this highlights a new direction you can take. Dreams and messages that seem to jump out at you are important to take note of.

This is a good month to do something which requires some degree of bravery; that can mean tackling a difficult issue with a therapist or deciding to forgive someone and draw a line under a conflict. Forgiveness and letting go of resentment are some of the most healing things we can do, and yet we often resist this as we feel that it lets the perpetrator off the hook in some way. Forgiveness frees you, and you can let karma take care of the rest. The wheel of karma works to your favour this month, and so forgive, forget, and do not seek revenge.

This is an excellent time to tackle a phobia, especially if that phobia influences your sex life. Having medical procedures that can fix a problem that makes you self-conscious and shy could be something you begin to look seriously into.

Scorpio Health October 2019

Scorpio have a knack of being in the right place at the right time, mostly because your hunches are pretty accurate and you are tuning into the universal energy and looking up at the right signposts. You tend to know what is the right and just thing to do, and you display a high degree of integrity. You may wonder why I am mentioning integrity in the health section – that is because karma operates strongly this month and good deeds lift your spirits more than any drug.

This is a great period for self-improvement programs, especially if they involve travelling to a retreat to meet up with others who are on a similar journey.

This is a very good time for a new diet or joining a gym – since not many people do that at this time of year, you may even get a great joining rate. In general health, matters are favoured now, and physical goals, i.e. training for marathons or events get a boost.

Sagittarius Health October 2019

This is not the time to get involved in anyone else’s emotional or marital problems – it can be a little like getting into a warm bath, easy to get into, hard to get out of, and you may find that you are drawn into a spider’s web of issues that are nothing like what was first described, and this can drain you of energy.

Sagittarians have quite a big appetite this month, and that can be an appetite for food, alcohol, entertaining, socialising other vices, etc. – whatever you do, you need more and more of it, and you do not know when to stop. You are quite insatiable, but it is worth contemplating what gap you are trying to fill. In some cases you are overtired and what you really need is a good night’s sleep not an extra hot chocolate or another WhatsApp conversation.

It is time to rediscover the joy of your own company and the ability to escape in your imagination. You also need to make greater use of positive images that you can conjure up at the click of your fingers to trick yourself into relaxing when you are stressed or when you need reassurance.

Capricorn Health October 2019

Headaches are common this month, especially with these frustrations building, and you feel like a storm is coming. A good long walk and even some singing can help. I would avoid long drives or vigorous exercise as a way of dealing with anger as you will tend to overdo it and may speed or get an injury by pushing too hard physically while your mind is only half on what you are doing and half on your anger issues.

Make sure you are not sitting in one position for too long, keep your circulation going with walks and stretches and loosen up those shoulder muscles with some arm flings or a massage if your bestie is willing. Look into the distance more often rather than just at a screen and do not have contact with devices and wifi when not necessary. Drink warm water first thing in the morning and have some water with a squeeze of lemon during the day. Avoid hot curries, Mexican food, chorizo, smoked meats, smoked cheese and pies. Drink more fluids in general but not smoothies, try and have diluted fruit juice or herbal teas, i.e., red bush, green tea, chamomile, or peppermint.

Aquarius Health October 2019

It is very important to take care this month and avoid accidents. Aquarians should steer clear of trouble spots or any dodgy parts of town. Do not walk home alone late at night. Avoid large crowds, protests or people getting drunk and you want to stay away from any type of activity where tempers flare, and there are flashpoints which could lead to trouble.

Avoid confrontation, just walk away or don’t get involved.
No speeding, skiing off piste or risky physical activities.

Stay aware and be vigilant. Make sure you manage your own anger; do not let people get you riled. Focus your mind on thoughts that soothe and calm you and use that rational Aquarian intellect to break down problems and deal with them little by little rather than allowing yourself to get into a frenzy.

You tend to get stressed and aggravated, and so you need frequent bursts of escapism be it a Facebook rant, a blast of Mozart’s 21st piano concerto, some gangster rap, a cuddle from your dog or a great fat cake – you get those coping mechanisms working for you.

Pisces Health October 2019

This is an excellent month for health. You can run faster and further and can improve fitness and reach many health goals.

Pisces are competitive and up for a challenge and the only warning it to warm up properly and know when you have pushed too far. If you are working with a physiotherapist to recover from an injury, this month you should see excellent progress as your muscles are highly responsive and your endurance and ability to stick to regimes improves.

It is important to eat a balanced diet in terms of protein, carbs and fats. It is also important to get more of the right fats and so make sure you eat your oily fish, hemp, chai or flax seeds.

There is success in sporting events especially at the month end.
Sports and dance are an ideal outlet for you energy and restlessness. The only warning is not to overestimate yourself or bite off more than you can chew in terms of any heavy lifting or distance run/cycled; make sure you are in a position to quit or get help if you need it. Follow the advice of your trainer/coach, he/she may have a better grip on what you should be doing than you do.

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