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Monthly Health Horoscope November 2019

monthly health horoscope november '19 for all signs

Aries Health Horoscope November 2019

Karma operates in your favour bringing good turns your way. However, giving is better than receiving, and Aries gain from the process of being generous.

Using mental imagery to focus healing white light on your own body or that of a friend or family member is very effective. Positive thoughts have added potency during this phase as you are naturally able to generate them without having to suppress a creeping critical or cynical vibe.

A very uncynical attitude and a lack of stubborn adherence to dogma or to outworn ideas mean that your body will respond favourably and be able to heal itself.

Forgiveness at this time is also both healing and transformative on a physical and emotional level.

Some Aries will experience insomnia during this phase of Mars entering Pisces on the 15th, especially if you have not allowed yourself an opportunity to recoup and if you do not listen to the subtle signals your body gives you.

Taurus Health Horoscope November 2019

You have to ask for what you want, and so no dropping hints, be less subtle and more direct, and that way you get your needs met faster, and you get what you want leading to less inner frustration and needless resentment. The message is be clear and vocal about what you expect and need from others.

This is a good month to get the outside of you in tip top shape; book the hairdresser, nail technician, dental hygienist or beautician and make sure you look good as sometimes positivity starts on the outside and gives us a life inside. Vanity has a role to play in good health as when you look good you usually are healthy. So get a boost by getting a makeover.

Pay attention to weak, brittle nails, hair that falls out and breaks off or dental issues as often these can be the external signs that you are lacking in a certain mineral or vitamin, and you should pay attention and seek to find the cause and solution.

You could be eating more and more of unhelpful products like sauces, dressings, biscuits, and side helpings of bread – these all sound and seem innocuous and inconsequential, but they are the very things that add up fast when it comes to gaining weight.

Relationship weather directly affects health – stormy relationships, inclement health; warm and sunny in love equals gold and glowing health.

Gemini Health Horoscope November 2019

Conflicting desires begin to settle into more harmonious patterns, and you in turn are less reticent and much more spontaneous.

While Gemini often find choosing between options a fingernail chewing conundrum, right now you are more certain of which way to go, and you feel good about those choices. Stalemates and doldrums no more as the wind is in your sails and this impacts your health and well-being: you feel better, and you are better, meaning achievement and self-esteem go up like Mercury in August.

Cancer Health Horoscope November 2019

You have an abundance of energy, much of it nervous as it comes in bursts and cannot always be expressed right away. You are quite excited and have a zest for life which can, even if you have struggled with illness or depression, provide an injection of enthusiasm and positivity that can increase your ability to cope and generate motivation. Your energy is not always focused, and you tend to prefer multitasking and jumping from thing to thing rather than working at one thing from start to finish.

You will be more physically active, and this is a great month for sporting and fitness goals, but you must make sure that you replenish energy spent with appropriate foods as there is the tendency to reach for energy drinks and ready-made carbs which contain health compromising preservatives and chemicals.

You are very comfortable with your sexuality, and this is a very good month to speak to your family about your gender and the way you want to go forward regarding gender and orientation.

Leo Health Horoscope November 2019

Leo must look inside for support right now; if you are reliant on others to keep you going and stand with you, then you are leaving yourself open to possible manipulation. So be your own cheerleader, your own mentor, and go with what feels right for you.

Physically, you may feel drained, and your sleep will be restless, and so you need to spend time unwinding and doing activities which make you feel serene before bed. You may need more sleep than usual, and you need to watch your diet by not eating heavy or rich foods. Take a walk in the evening, and spend time away from the Wi-Fi and the electro smog in your house. Try switching off the router and all devices at night.

Examine your bad dreams to see what clues they can give you about what may lie beneath some of the trivial issues that are bothering you. Often, trivial things stress you out as perhaps you would rather get aggro about them and avoid the deeper issues which are harder to tackle.

Virgo Health Horoscope November 2019

You are slightly complacent about diet and may tend to overeat and put exercise and diet on hold.

Virgo will be entertaining more often this month, and you may have family events to attend, and while this does create a feel-good factor, it is not good for routine and disciple. You may eat and drink more at weekends which is why you need to detox during the week, but cutting out meat, dairy, and bread, and eating more sweet potatoes, fruits, fish, chicken, lentils, falafel quinoa and rice.

Long-standing problems can be ironed out now, paving the way for a more relaxed feeling and less anxiety. Parents may support you financially or emotionally, taking a weight off your shoulders. There is less interest in worldly ambitions and a greater focus on what you have regarding family bonds, a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of a community, pride in your home, love of nature, and inner faith.

Regarding physical well-being, water sports and activities like hiking or cross-country running, gardening, and horse riding are very therapeutic.

Libra Health Horoscope November 2019

While the last two months you were a little lazy and inactive, this month sees the motivation for sports and fitness goals return. You are more aware of what you are eating, and sweet treats are less tempting.

The start of the month may see some problems stemming from too many late nights and too much rich food, i.e., headaches, migraine flair ups or eczema outbreaks. You need plenty of water, preferably spring water or filtered water to flush out your kidneys. A squeeze of lemon water is very useful. Hot water with lemon is a good option as the heat draws out benefits of the lemon. You should cut out strongly flavoured cheeses, chorizo, and spicy food and increase your intake of fresh fruit and veg.

Be careful of your teeth and avoid caramel popcorn and toffee like the plague.

You can raise the bar regarding your fitness routines and attempt more challenging routines or workouts. It is good to push yourself a bit harder physically, but only after the detox at the start of the month.

Scorpio Health Horoscope November 2019

You have loads of energy, and you enjoy expressing yourself, but you are not too keen on being disciplined. You enjoy being social and floating along with the moment allowing yourself to go with the flow, and if that means an extra drink or a social cigarette why not?

You may plan to go to the gym, but as soon as you get a sniff of an invite to a party or for drinks you are off – your dedication to diet and fitness is in question. There is plenty of energy, but not for anything repetitive or strenuous. You will look for creative outlets as well as social ones.

Scorpio put energy into play and pleasure; having fun matters and that includes doing fun things with your children. You tend to be playful, dramatic and a little carefree; it is a time of casting away routines, expectations and drudgery and as long as you do not indulge in too many vices, why not?

Sagittarius Health Horoscope November 2019

Although it’s a good thing to be happy for others and to share the joy of their success, that is easier said than done especially if you feel inadequate or unhappy. However, there is great karma to be enjoyed when you encourage others and revel in their achievements and this month Sagittarians will begin to experience this. The success of others serves as an inspiration and a boost rather than something to be jealous of.

Sagittarians are imbued with a can-do attitude and also a why-not attitude; the things that held you back for so long now seem pretty irrelevant. The past is to be cast aside and you are no longer bound by past cycles or habits, this is a time for a Genesis of new more positive cycles and habits. There is a great desire for self-improvement, and this is one of the best times to make a major decision like becoming a vegetarian, vegan, going Paleo, quitting alcohol or buying a bike to do more cycling. There is a whole range of options available, and the changes you make will not only improve your health but also widen out your life.

This is a time where faith begins to play a greater role in your life – you may rediscover prayer, develop great trust in alternative or herbal cures, employ positive thinking techniques more, embrace meditation or be drawn to a philosophy which can add meaning to your life. Philosophy is so central to Sagittarians many of whom are religious or inspired by faith, and this is the start of an important phase regarding your spiritual journey.

Even if you are eating healthy things, you may still tend to gain weight right now, and so you should watch your calories and cut out sugar altogether. Cut out artificial sweeteners as well, as often they trick the brain into craving food. Often eating food with low nutritional value means you eat more than you need, and so taking some mineral and vitamin supplements can actually reduce appetite.

Capricorn Health Horoscope November 2019

Good intentions, but lack of focus mark this month. Capricorn have many plans for how to improve your life and most of those are terrific plans as they encompass mind, body and soul; however, you can become quite vague about how to go about it and what your aims are. What would represent a success?

If you cannot define the finish line and what it may look like, how can you really know if you achieved anything? While losing weight or improving body shape is quite easy to quantify or observe, other dietary goals are harder to monitor. Switching to a vegetarian diet, taking extra vitamins or supplements often makes you feel psychologically better as if you are winning the war on disease and mortality, but are you making the right choices for you? Sometimes problems clear up, and we forget we ever had them; at others times we do see improvements but are doing so many things we cannot isolate what specific thing made the improvement happen. It can be helpful to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, amount of times you needed your asthma spray, how many nights you had acid indigestion, performance in the gym, level of tiredness, etc. so you have some concrete measurement to test where improvement has occurred and what they are linked to in terms of your diet, lifestyle changes (i.e. limiting units of alcohol, wifi exposure etc.). You can also keep a note of recovery time after flu or not getting flu over a winter season. You could also have a simple test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies every few month to see if you have eradicated these. The message is that you need to know what works and what doesn’t, if for no other reason but to save yourself money on expensive health care products, but more importantly to make you whole healthcare routine a fine oiled machine, not a random blitz attack.

Drive carefully and leave plenty of time for all journeys.

Aquarius Health Horoscope November 2019

You need some relaxing foot soaks and also to do some foot flexing while you are seated to improve the blood flow below the knee where the heart cannot pump. If you are travelling long haul, do make use of flight socks or compression tights to prevent DVT.

Aquarians often have problems with the calves, ankle edema, varicose veins or even very cold feet. Horse chestnut is a traditional remedy for lower leg and vein health, and it tones and protects blood vessels. It also acts as an antiinflammatory for a variety of complaints and aches, in addition to assisting with vascular problems. You can take it in very small doses internally for the above as well as leg ulcers, phlebitis and even frostbite. Or look for a herbal bath soak with added horse chestnut and have a long hot bath or foot spa. The horse chestnut also helps with water retention around the feet. So great for sore, tired legs after all that shopping, dancing, or seasonal stress.

Pisces Health Horoscope November 2019

You enjoy leading and need to be in control this month. Too much acquiescing and appeasing leads to headaches and anger. Better to say how you feel than to hold it in, getting things off your chest is vital.

Be a little selfish and put your needs first – that can be the key to feeling well and fit and making the most of the energy available this month.

You may experience greater congestion and mucous build up in your nose, sinuses and chest. Avoid dairy and gluten, corn products, soya, eggs, nonlean meat and sunflower oil.

Eat more citrus, asparagus, radishes, cauliflower, celery, bamboo shoots, hot peppers, pineapple and ginger. I think some Chinese food may be on the menu. Avoid Italian foods that are cheesy, creamy and pasta based.

Try and concentrate on what you are doing as accidents happen fast when your mind is not on what it should be.

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