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Monthly Career Horoscope October 2019

all signs career horoscope in october 2019

Monthly career forecast for all signs in october 2019...

Aries Career Horoscope in October 2019

Between the new moon on 8 October and full moon on the 24th are good times for important events connected to new starts and initiations. Not such a good time for new IT systems or changing your business operating software as there are too many unknowns. Power games and vested interests can also make it hard for you to take control and implement changes that you feel would benefit your workplace. Colleagues can be erratic and also unpredictable – they may let you down last minute, and so make sure when you set targets you have back up regarding being able to call on others last minute to pick up the pieces if someone does wimp out.

This is a time when details and fine print to do with money cannot be ignored, and you cannot have mind gaps where there are things you just do not understand and are just hoping will never come up.

Ideas and plans need to be very flexible right now and must take account of any shocks or external events out of your control which may come to pass – contingency plans and extra time built in are very important.

Artistic projects like writing or entertaining are that much more successful and gripping when you pick up on current social events and weave that thread through your work. Timing and sensing the right time creatively is vital – you cannot just jump in, you must test the water and get the feel of your competition and the market.

Market research is both important and successful right now; the key is knowing what you are looking for in the first place and devising the right questions to make sure you get appropriate information.

Taurus Career Horoscope in October 2019

Financially, things are not so clear this month due to the influence of Neptune on return Venus in your 2nd house, and so you need to be more cautious and should avoid any contracts especially if there is time pressure. You may not have all the relevant information, and some of the info you have could be false or misleading. You are also quite emotional about money, and so what you perceive as needing desperately, you may realise in a few weeks time that you did not need it, and it was not as useful as you had hoped. So hold back and think twice before you reach for the cheque book, or rather hit the PayPal tab. Avoid anything that smells iffy and have your ‘scam radar’ on high alert.

Taurus are very curious about anything which seems hidden, taboo, or repressed, and that can draw you to conspiracy theories or even gossip which provides what you think is an insight, but is it an insight or are you just digging for any information that will reaffirm what you want to think rather than the truth? In fact, truth is very subjective right now as truth becomes an interpretation of facts, which can be seen in a variety of different ways.

Mental energies must be harnessed and focused on productive activities; you can easily get caught up in trying to convert others to your view on things or obsessing on pet projects and issues which are very intriguing but are tangents.

You come across as solid, reliable, and consistent this month which is very reassuring to others – you can be the rock in any situation with a fuss free ability to steady the ship. Your interactions with others tend to be more serious and businesslike, and this is not a month for being very social on the job.

Taurus will look to take your skills and also your approach to a new level – you are looking to package yourself in a way that makes you look more serious and more like a winner who is set for big things. Time to cast off any childish or amateur behaviour or habits that undermine you.

Gemini Career Horoscope in October 2019

Gemini are sensitive to any situation where you feel you are not appreciated or where colleagues freeload or ride on your ideas, and this can make you want to hold back and not share or engage. Gemini are more aware of others’ motives and how what they do and what they say regarding when they speak about their values and aims, are very different. Your level of trust is tested, and you will reassess people you work with and how much respect you feel you owe them; allegiances also change.

While you do what you have to do, you will not do more where you feel your efforts are not appreciated. However, perhaps you should cut the boss a bit of slack – perhaps your role has not been noticed, and you need to highlight your efforts and ask for that recognition. Make sure your efforts do not blend into one giant melting pot, be visible and keep note of what you do to make sure your input is not overlooked or claimed by others.

This is a time to get more organised and to expedite chores – delegating and outsourcing can reduce workload if you are self-employed. It is a good month to buy labour saving devices; time is money, and that is a clichĂ©, but you need to keep it in mind whatever you are doing, as time has an opportunity cost, and you do not want to waste any valuable work hours doing peripheral chores or work that could more easily be done by someone else.

This can be a very revealing time for investigative journalists looking for buried information, and events are intriguing and all consuming. Any forensic or investigative work can be more interesting and also yield unexpected results which could turn things on their head.

Cancer Career Horoscope in October 2019

Avoid hasty financial decisions, especially when it is to do with buying new assets for your business or entertaining. This month, trying to woo or lobby potential clients can be a waste of time and also money if you are treating them to dinners out. Avoid excess discounting, and make sure you know that your discounts are fulfilling some specific role.

October is a good time to get noticed; you are better at promoting yourself, and you are more forceful when it comes to negotiations – you tend to be sure of your position and what you want from any discussion, and that makes it easier to drive home a bargain.

Sexual undertones in your workplace can be used to your advantage. You can use yourcharm and charisma to improve your powers of persuasion. Be more aware of your subtle sexual power – use it while it’s still legal .

You are capable of some very astute business moves this month, but you must be careful not to overplay your hand. You have a very shrewd grasp on the emotions and ambitions at stake, and you can suss out the various players and foresee their moves. If work were a game of poker, you would be winning, but to be ahead at the end, you have to stay cool and not let your intermediate success lure you into taking one too many chances.

In creative work, you need to refocus on what brings in the money and what has the highest percentage chance of success as you can waste time toying with ideas which although fun may not be leading anywhere. Keep an eye on the competition, and while you do not want to copy, you do want to mimic what appear to be successful strategies. So while the choices of your competitors or peers should not distract you, you should use this as a guideline for what is or is not successful.

If you lack inspiration, you need to reconnect with your mission statement; do you even have a mission statement? Try and remember why you chose your line of work and what you wished to achieve, and ask yourself where it all went wrong. You may be in a temporary rut and need to reignite the passion for what you do, or perhaps it is time to try something new which may fulfil those initial hopes you had for your career.

Leo Career Horoscope in October 2019

If you run a catering company or guest house, be ready for inspections or spot checks and have all your required certificates in order.

Leo have good powers of concentration, and your retentive ability is great which bodes well for study and also learning on the job. You absorb information and patterns even when you are not trying, and so you can work very effectively and pick up the finer points.

You do not respond well to pressure this month, and you work better where you are in a quiet space where you feel comfortable, i.e., working from home, in a library or even a cafe if that is your thing. You work less well in hectic disruptive environments where there are interruptions, noise, and even conflict among other colleagues.

Business decisions can be made using both logic and intuition; there is a level of emotion in everything you do, even if you try and be totally subjective, and yet this emotional input is often helpful. You will tend to favour working with those who you know and trust and who have proved themselves in the past rather than with new associates.

Family matters may distract you from work, and your attention is often called away so that you can manage your home life. However, you have enough energy to juggle many balls right now, and multitasking is simple. Leo’s creative and artistic flair gets a boost, and your imagination, ability to see what works visually, and your openness to the ideas and input of others make this is a very exciting and productive time. You are concerned about life beyond the art, and so your work is often linked to a charity or cause giving you an added impetus to strive for success.

Leo who run dating sites or apps or who deal with married couples as a counsellor or sexual psychologist can have a very successful time, and you will expand your business.

This is also a great month for those who arrange entertainment for weddings, cruises, or corporate events. Leo have an affinity for dealing with the public, especially large groups, and that bodes well for those in politics, public relations, and any career that is very visible.

Virgo Career Horoscope in October 2019

You should not be scared about taking a defeat or retreating in the short run; right now, giving up and lessening the pressure to achieve a certain outcome may actually lead to you getting closer to that goal further down the line.

Giving up or stepping out of the race may allow you some essential thinking time; it may also release that pressure cooker of tension and anxiety that was actually stifling your ability to think straight and act with creativity. So, not only can you save time and money, you can actually free up your thinking and boost the intellectual process, replenish energy and re-enter the race down the line with far more maturity and chance of success.

There can be some hiccoughs in communicating with people, probably because you are not listening properly and are assuming what they are saying is based on perception and past discussion – do not make that mistake. See every discussion as a fresh start, people can change their minds you know.

While Virgo are devils for details, Jupiter’s action in your chart this month makes you a little more careless about the finer points and eager to focus on the big picture. So get some help checking over plans, submissions, budgets, or speeches as others may pick up what you have missed.

This is a very busy and exciting month, and the impulse reaction is to say YES YES YES to everything; even when the diary has no more space on the page, you still want to add more as you are keen to keep up momentum and grab every opportunity. Time for some discrimination and a narrowing down of the options before you scatter energy like seeds which you will never have an opportunity to water.

While your own health is improved with reflection, calm contemplation, and seclusion, you are in the perfect position to help others improve their health via exercise, training, rehab, and cardiovascular fitness. This month is ideal for Virgo in the fitness, physical rehab, or sports realm.

Libra Career Horoscope in October 2019

This is a month when you have to squeeze more out of what you have. It is time to look at what your various assets contribute to the business versus their costs. It is not just about assets; it is also about services you pay for and whether they still offer value for money. Balance sheet ratios and analysing your costs is vital right now as you may find that some expenses are silently creeping up and up, and you may need to swap providers or get a new asset that requires less maintenance. So a good time for a serious review of assets and costs.

Librans are exuding sex appeal this month, and yet at work this may land you in hot water, especially as the season of office parties is dawning. It is more important than ever to give a strong message out that sexual harassment is not welcome and will not be tolerated. Librans must be careful not to give mixed messages to colleagues – it is amazing how quickly sexual situations get out of hand, and it may not be your fault at all; so be vigilant about nipping these in the bud.

This is a strong month for thrashing out deals and negotiating. You are also expert at making a sale – you can read the situation, detect the agendas of others, and hone in on any weak points you see emerging.

Event management and organising conventions is very successful. Librans can do a good job in luring a well-known speaker to your event or encouraging donations to get the event off to a cracker.

With Venus retrograde this month, you could have more work to do to get a loan approved. Tax issues and insurance claims can be slow to resolve and could be less straightforward than it first appeared. If offered money at a great rate of %, be very sceptical and ask questions.

The moon waxes from the 8th to the 24th of October, making this a perfect time for dealing with people, drawing up contracts, employing advisors, and dealing with the public or big companies. This is a good time to set up a consultancy.

Scorpio Career Horoscope in October 2019

This is good time to seek out professional opinions about image and style, and that can be your physical attributes and also the style in which you present to others. Even if you are a confident person, you can still benefit from courses on high impact presentations, motivational leadership or relationship selling. From time to time we have to update our modus operandi, so we are not seen as old school – it’s important to be on trend, and this month you have a chance to get an edge by embracing what is new in your industry or more generally. Even though we are not meant to judge others on appearance, we know it happens, especially if we are a woman, and so if you are starting a new job, you may need a new wardrobe or hairstyle so that every part of you is on message.

Elocution and vocal training could also be something you pursue. Scorpio may become more interested in the use of their voice, not only regarding projection but regarding neuro-linguistic programming.

In October, seek business advice from an accountant or advisor who can see things with a fresh set of eyes and may have some suggestions – accountants and advisors also work with your competitors and know what they are doing and so they can give you a subtle steer in the right direction due to their inside knowledge.

It is an opportune time to start drawing up your forecasts for next year and creating budgets and your costing charts. You can get some good ideas while looking at the figures as your thinking is enhanced when you analyse the ratios and see how it all clicks together.

A very good time for those in permanent education and taking exams.

Scorpio are so eager to get on with things that you often fail to prepare; you tend to go from 0 to 90 without considering how much further you could get if you ease yourself in. So give the route more thought before you start honking your horn at those who are going slower than you – they may well get there before you do as they are more considered. Pride comes before a fall.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope in October 2019

You can underestimate what is going to be required in any particular job or role, and you can start promising more than you can deliver regarding results or timing and so even if you feel confident you should hold back on raising the hope of others only to have to let them down gently later on. When giving advice, you have this tendency to go beyond the scope required – stick to the parameters or you can get yourself into some hot water or even awkward situations.

It is rather hard to take thing one step at a time as you find yourself running off in directions which look more enticing and then forgetting what you were doing – you may start many things and finish little as focus tends to drift.

This is not the best month to be tied down to tedious, repetitive work; it is a good time for planning and investigating perhaps by making trips and doing fact-finding missions. Market research can be helpful; however, you will tend to amass so much information you will get fed up before you have sorted through it and made any sense of it. It is a time when you pay for stuff, i.e., webinars, courses or books and end up finding they have nothing of value to offer. Be slower to part with cash even if someone is offering an easy solution.

Sagittarians enjoy the social site of work, you like being part of a community and the spirit that brings to your work effort. Those of you who work at home or for yourself may miss that comradery and the mutual support available at a work environment: you may have to recreate that by starting a local business network or communicating more online with those who do similar work to you in order to share trade secrets, share the ups and downs and encourage each other, even have your own Xmas bash.

Capricorn Career Horoscope in October 2019

Personal preference plays a bigger part than logic or rationale right now, and so you often go with what you feel more comfortable with rather than what may be the best option on paper. It is a time where gut feel cannot be ignored as a factor. You will tend to prefer to work with people you like rather than with the best person for the job, but right now, no person is any use to you if you do not like them, you have to like who you work with or your productivity slides.

You are never casual this month, you work hard and are demanding of those you work with, you have no patience with freeloaders or time wastes. You can get a great deal done, but some eggs will be broken during the creation of your omelette as you may not spare sensitivities and feelings when it comes to getting a job done. Once you have decided on a destination, you are full steam ahead to the point of obsession.

Your sarcasm and wit can help you intimidate debating opponents – you seem to have an answer for everything and are not mincing your words.

This is a time of intrepid research and problem solving where you get to the heart of matters and almost will a solution to appear. Your persistence allows you to succeed where others fail especially when it comes to scientific or design based problems.

Often Capricorns in academia or journalism are overwhelmed by the complexity of what you are uncovering, you need to allow the information to settle in your head almost allowing the power of your subconscious to sift or till through those grains of sand eventually leading you to the gold hidden in all the silt.

Networks need effort – it may be more about you ploughing energy in and keeping everyone engaged right now than getting a great deal out of it. Time to rid your group or online networks from spammers or chancers who have nothing to offer and could be annoying and put off valuable members of the group.

Aquarius Career Horoscope in October 2019

Reputation comes into focus, and you are impelled to redefine yourself in the eye of the public, your clients or your superiors. It is time to sharpen up your image and make it clear what you stand for and who you represent. In some cases, you may decide on an image change for your business or your products. Artistically you may take a new direction and swap from traditional to trendy, from wide appeal to niche, from public to business-to-business, etc.

It is time to think about future direction and goals and decide which image, approach or persona can deliver results. You may want to devise a mission statement to help focus you and your staff on the key aims and objectives.

Think about the first impression you or your company make and ensure that the first impression reassures and excites your potential clients and customers. Image matters and no matter what they say about judging a book by its cover, we do, as the human mind synthesises every bit of available information and since time is at a premium the ‘book cover’ is how we made an initial appraisal. So make sure your ‘book cover’ gives you the very best chance of selection.

It is vital to manage the expectations of others – you need to make sure no one is anticipating miracles, and you have to diplomatically bring some clients or members of the team down to earth – watch out for those around you thinking Rome can and will be built in a day.

Not a good month for a launch for any creative endeavour or for a major public relations initiative. Forget inviting your boss to a dinner party, this is not a great time to seek favours from the superiors as it will backfire.

Pisces Career Horoscope in October 2019

Pisces need to be more cautious about promotional and advertising drives for your business. You tend to think that bigger is better and more expensive means great results and that is not always so. Right now some cheap no frills methods to promote yourself or your goods can work better than an expensive media campaign. It is easy to be wooed by grandiose promises and great sales pitches, but step away from the razzmatazz that is being orchestrated to get you spending and ask more questions. It is important before you spend any money on publicity to know what you want to get out of it and to think more clearly about how likely your target market is to respond to the methods you are considering.

While you have great enthusiasm, you are inclined to be a little too optimistic and that can lead you to take risks or to be vulnerable to exploitation. You respond quickly to seemingly encouraging offers or adverts and you do not always do the due diligence to find out what you are really getting into.

This month you really must watch out for scams or false leads – your heart wants to believe it is true, but your head should be intervening.

Travelling to make face to face meetings with clients or colleagues may not offer the breakthrough you hoped and so long haul trips should be carefully planned and considered to ensure that they are not one big waste of money.

In terms of imported goods and your contacts with suppliers overseas, give everything more time and put more effort into the legal ramifications in terms of complying with different laws and regulations in different countries.

Generally legal matters can be annoying and you must be develop a more thorough understanding of what you are dealing with as it may be more tricky than it looks on the surface.

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