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Monthly Career Horoscope November 2019

monthly career horoscope for all signs in november 2019

Aries Career Horoscope November 2019

This month Aries who have just begun to study at university or who are mature students looking to take a degree course or do higher learning get a massive boost. Study you undertake right now is not just about what you learn in technical or academic sense it is about discovering more about you, your place in the world, widening your expectations of yourself and learning more about how to work with others.

Aries are powerful motivators this month – as team leader you can gee others up and inspire them towards a goal. Thanks to your leadership, the sum of the parts is more than the whole due to the ethos of enthusiasm and belief.

This is a very effective time for Arians who write, publish, or sell ideas – in fact, you may be in the right place at the right time to capitalise on an emerging trend or mass need of the public. Look for what others want, and provide the answers.

Mercury retrograde from the 16th of the month does not mean that plans and operations go into reverse; however, it does mean that you must sure up the details, re-edit, and fine tune making sure you foresee glitches. This is not a time to ‘rush to press’ as accuracy means more than timeliness, and so get it right rather than getting it out first.

You may realise that you have overlooked some smaller yet significant details as you were so carried away with the goal and the broader ideal – even the fanciest, diamond encrusted watch needs the cogs and wheels to click perfectly together or what use is it?

This is also a time to reflect upon your goals. Often past actions catch up with you – and this need not be a bad thing if it forces you to clarify in your own mind what you are trying to achieve.

Energy must also be channelled into the most private matters of your life, those which matter to you but which you do not share with others.

Taurus Career Horoscope November 2019

Dealings with the public are frequent and also significant this month. Your interactions with the public are likely to be more personal and also more draining as you have to give more of yourself as your interactions blur the line between professional assistance and personal involvement. In some cases, your clients or patients may become like your children with you bringing their problems home, and you have to know when and where to draw a line.

After the 16th you will find that relations with colleagues and your ability to work with others without feeling that you are being compromised improves.

You will still find it hard to delegate as your demands are highly specific, and no one does it quite like you want it done.

It may fall to you to organise things in your office and department and perhaps initiate some new routines in places like the store room, filing room, or canteen to make sure things run smoothly and do not become a disaster area. Taurus have a low tolerance for mess and mayhem, and you may have to seek out the Scorpios and Virgos in your office to whip those untidy Geminis and chaotic Aquarians into shape.

Work socials are a good idea, and any dinner parties or after work events that increase your knowledge of each other and improve the office spirit can be a very good thing. The message is that bridges can be extended and wounds mended this month regarding your workplace relationships, and it is Taurus who can stimulate the healing in a variety of fun and creative ways.

In creative workplaces, colleagues can be very protective of their ideas, and so you should be careful not to tread on toes by intruding on anything perceived to be someone else’s territory or domain.

Work that is creative and also crafty is favoured, i.e., dressmaking, floristry, millinery, jewellery making, carpentry and pottery.

A good month for vets; but like I said about mothering your clients, in your case, it is your animals.

Check your outgoings and look at how resources can be better used in other areas – look at the value created by each expense or asset and review this with a view to a cull. Do not over extend; if in doubt, do not reach for the cheque book. Look at assets or even software you have neglected and see if these can be put to better use once more. You may have purchased something with high hopes, and perhaps you never got to grips with how it use it; now is the time to revisit this and master it.

Gemini Career Horoscope November 2019

This month may see the end of a business partnership or important work relationship, but it can be a blessing in disguise that paves the way for a new partnership or indeed more success by yourself.

Gemini may find new prospects as a consultant or playing an advisory role. It is also a good time to get allies with specialised legal and company accounting expertise on board.

It is a good time to put yourself in the public eye, and popularity is more easily won – publicity seems to steamroll organically, and a little cash spent goes a long way.

Creative ideas and notions which were vague and rather iffy suddenly begin to take form and look like the real deal – go for the projects with the X factor and drop those which are a cliché and a rehash of the old.

Your ambition is red hot, and you will strive not only to succeed but to make the headlines doing so – not necessarily the news headlines, but the headlines where it matters in your line of work. In your personal and professional capacity, you want to be noticed, and you also want to make some waves and make a difference. This is a good time to become self-employed or go freelance; get ready to pour some energy and money into self-promotion.

Conflicts with superiors can be a spur to go it alone.

You have to be careful of acting robustly on assumptions! Know which are the facts or clear data and what are assumptions, as assumptions can be misperceived, and you should take a second look or later in the month you could have egg on your face. Not a time to indulge the confirmation bias.

If you are alert to the emotions in business situations, you can deftly nip problems in the bud and pour the oil all over the choppy waters before things get out of hand. Mending small problems before they escalate means strong relationships When you feel yourself getting irritable over slow progress, count to ten and go and take a walk; a wrong word at a sensitive moment can ruin things.

Keep your own integrity, and do not try and do others’ jobs or put words in people’s mouths – allow everyone their moment.

Cancer Career Horoscope November 2019

This is an expansive period of new goals – these goals are being born in your head and are creating quite a bit of excitement for the future. Suddenly, you see possibilities and opportunities. Cancer are more hungry now – that means your desire for success, achievement, and greater challenge is high.

There is more energy for study and development of different skills, and so this is definitely time to start checking out courses at the local college or asking your employer if there are training initiatives you can put your name forward for so that you can broaden your prospects. You may also look to improve your management and interpersonal skills via courses in industrial psychology or team leadership. In work situations, you need to know that fairness and being seen to be just is key to delegating, motivating, and gaining cohesion.

You need to watch out for expressing opinions very forcefully when you have not checked the facts; sometimes, you feel something is true because it makes sense and feels right, but you need to check accuracy and make sure you record all sources to back up what you are saying. Make sure you give all other points of view credit as if you don’t, you can never be sure how robust your views are.

Wise and witty, you are fired up mentally right now, and this can make life more exciting, and everything means that much more; it can also mean you are more up for arguments (intellectual ones) and that you will not back down – so know when to walk away as it can be exhausting for you.

Mercury retrograde from the 16th could throw you a curve ball regarding routine, probably just as well as Cancerians are allergic to routine and humdrum, and so you will pounce on any shake ups and use them to jump into a different role. You may have the chance now to change or adjust something which was bothering you and perhaps come to some new conclusions which you feel tie in loose ends more effectively than the previous way did. Redeploying energy to different areas of your work is vital now to keep the whole project moving forward. Listen to your intuition, and change gear according to the vibes you are picking up.

The moon waxes from November 7 to November 23, making this the best time for any activities which represent a new start or an initiation; this may not be a good time to move home or close a property deal, and it is also not a good time to start a new group or organisation for social or charitable purposes. Be careful with new tax or pension schemes, and do not change significant insurance policies now.

Leo Career Horoscope November 2019

Leo tend to be more cynical and strategic in the way you go about things; you will consider consequences and the reactions of others. You are far more attuned to power games, professional envy, and the Achilles heel of those you are dealing with and that gives you power. You need to do your research.

Do not go into any meeting or discussion cold; you must analyse those you are set to deal with and dissect their motives and possible moves ahead of time.

This may be a time of calling it quits on activities or relationships that are no longer working for you – you can be quite ruthless when cutting ties and drawing the line, and there can be some relief after that. If someone, an acquaintance, hits a nerve and hurts your pride, that can be a real relationship killer; you are not forgiving when someone crosses you, you take it as a sign and/or an omen, and you move on.

Relying on others for support is never a comfortable place for Leo; your pride demands you can hold you own and figure it out yourself; this month, there are times when you have to put that aside and get help or advice without stubbornly plugging away and creating frustration.

In your work with teams or groups, you have to be really clear about the aims and the priorities as it can be frustrating if certain people are on tangents of their own or working on peripheral issues. Leo need to focus the team and ram home key messages, making sure everyone gets it – do not relay message via others unless you have had face to face contact, assume they do not know.

Creatively, it is good to play around with ideas and even experimentation in your spare time can yield some surprising and useful outcomes. In artistic and literary pursuits, throw out some ideas and see where they take you; allow the creative boat of inspiration to start drifting across the ocean until you come upon a desert island of hidden treasure. It can be good to throw in some concepts you do not even like just to see if you can work with them after all as regarding personal expression, this is a time when you can add some sparkling new gems to your repertoire.

Virgo Career Horoscope November 2019

With Mercury going retrograde mid-month, you may need to step back and rethink your course of action, especially when it comes to financial commitments and the spending you have planned both personally or within your business. This is not the time for buying new assets or investing in your business, growth should be organic rather than fuelled by debt. While you may need to stock up for the Christmas shopping season, you must carefully anticipate demands and not overstock. Budgets must be checked and rechecked carefully: incomings and outgoings will tend to fluctuate more than usual with some ups and downs, and while it will all even out over the course of the month, there can be some short-term panic.

It is important to look at overall goals both long and short-term – in November, short-terms goals can go to hell, with some unexpected events, but that is not so bad as long as the longer term goals stay on track.

You may have the opportunity to buy or sell property – this can be investment property or perhaps a new site for your office/business which is bigger and more convenient.

This is an ideal time to think about setting up a business from home – ideally, you should aim to have set it up within the coming 12 months. Businesses that have connections to tourism, publishing, education, personal development, or law are favoured. Businesses which promote progressive ideas and which strongly rely on educated, well-read people promoting and publishing the ideas can also thrive.

This is a time to think seriously about your pension and plans for your retirement or future – this is a period where extra money should be invested and set aside.

In business, knowing what you want and who you want to deal with is very important; indecision and wavering leads to your undoing, and so step forward and do so with confidence and commitment. Energy flows in the direction of your decisiveness.

Libra Career Horoscope November 2019

November is a month where you feel a surge of energy, and you also have more enthusiasm for your daily routines and chores. You will find that you whip through the daily grind and have more time for things you enjoy or for aspects of work connected to future development and goals.

You prefer to work off your own initiative and are less comfortable working in groups – sudden disruptions courtesy of your co-workers can be very annoying.

Clients can be more demanding this month, and although some of their demands can appear unreasonable, they can be the push you need to investigate a new area of your work or attempt something out of your comfort zone. At times this month, things will seem daunting, and yet at the end, you will give yourself one grand pat on the back and be amazed at what you coped with and how well you did. You can achieve bigger and better in November.

It is important to sex up any presentation or talk – I say this partly in jest as it does not have to be ‘sexy’ in a physical sense, but it does have to have punch and attention-grabbing content. The facts and figures are not enough; it is all about flair and being a little flamboyant. This is the festive season, and you need to jump into the spirit regarding your business.

Not all information that comes your way is credible or reliable, and so check your sources and remain sceptical until you see proof.

You may need to make some team changes to get everyone to where they feel most comfortable and can contribute most. This is no time to be stubborn; being flexible and quickly backing down and trying a new tack pays off. Be willing to listen and keep an open mind; you could be surprised that something you dismiss turns out to be more relevant than you first thought.

Scorpio Career Horoscope November 2019

A bonus or raise may be on the cards soon.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th meaning that the best decision is no decision, keep all current commitments going but be very careful of brand new contracts or new financial commitments. Sometimes it is best to take a wait and see approach as developments tend to inform you. This is not a time for guesstimates. Sometimes leaving decisions to fate can work out – if the facts and figures cannot help you with a decision, delay until fate gives you that nudge.

Often advice does not fit or is not relevant, and so you really do not have much to go on, and that is why you should delay important decisions about money or assets until next month.

Hedge your bets and be prepared for negotiations and also the outcome of contracts to be different from what you imagined. Read the small print carefully and be more aware of the nuances and get out clauses in contracts.

Build in extra flexibility to any arrangements you make with others – have a get out clause and resist pressure to compromise on your values. No deal is better than a bad deal.

Scorpio are strongly aware of the current social trends, and you can express yourself in relation to these, and you can gain support from others. You can carry aims and endeavours with minimum friction and opposition.

While you prefer to use logic right now; absence of facts means you have to trust instinct and even use blind faith at times. Your ability to use good judgement is key.

The moon waxes from the 7th to the 23rd of November, and this is a bountiful time, other than the period where Mercury is retrograde. Caution in new financial endeavours is advised. Current financial situations bring good fortune. New ventures in your career and any attempts at fame or publicity are favoured.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope November 2019

This is a very energetic month for those of you who work for yourself especially if you work in building, construction or catering. It is a very busy time for anyone who makes things at home from those of you who make jams or cakes in their kitchen to crafts to pottery. It is amazing how businesses which start in a very modest and unassuming way can really take off and no you should not be discouraged about your start-up business no matter how humble, as it is the heart you put into it and the belief which can be make or break, more so than the initial investment. If your heart is not in what you are doing, then no matter how much cash you throw at the business, it will still have lacklustre performance – or perhaps you either need a grass roots shake up and a new direction for your business or to quit and try something else.

Your energy and your instincts run along the same track right now, and that makes you more defensive and protective – you will fight for your ideas, your business, and your employees. Businesses where the company feels like a family are very strong and tight as a unit now, and you can survive any threat and thrive. There may be something of a siege mentality right now which adds grit and determination to your efforts.

Businesses with a strong core ethos or mission statement do better now than those who have financial gain as the sole goal with little soul involved.

Dealing with the public are favoured, and you may find you have slipped into a new persona which makes these interactions easier and more successful. This is a very good month for first impressions, and so all new first time meetings with a new boss or client are favoured. You must try and keep something in reserve as you may tend to be OTT.

Polish up your CV and online professional profiles and make them sound more positive, progressive and also lively – ensure the words bounce off the page and that you have not been too predictable or clichéd.

Capricorn Career Horoscope November 2019

You need to be certain of the image you wish to project, if you have not settled on an image or are not taking it seriously, then you are sending out a pick ’n mix of messages to potential clients and customers who may be confused and this can damage your reputation or ability to expand. Google yourself and look at what comes up, the whole spectrum of you online – that is what people can potentially see, and so you have to take all your profiles and polish them up so that they send one clear message about who you are that can support what you sell. It is not possible to develop trust with potential customers or even business associates if they feel you have several faces or personas some of which can be damaging.

Diplomacy at work is vital right now; tell your superiors what they want and need to hear and button up on any opinions you have that you have not really tested out yet. It is a time when you say, “Yes Sir/Ma’am, No Sir/ma’am,” not a time for, “but what about,” or “I think we should rather,” keep predictable, and if you must add your penny’s worth do it discreetly. Yes, discretion is also vital this month.

A good time to rewrite your resumes or update a LinkedIn account – your new resume/CV should include your aspirations; let potential employers know that you have a vision for your future and a firm grasp of what you want. It is also a good time to get a new wardrobe and dress the part; abandon any childish on unprofessional accessories.

You may feel that not much is happening right now, but there is more going on behind the scenes than you are yet aware of and so you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Do not make assumptions and do not use the past as a guide for what can happen next as the rules of the game are changing.

Stay observant and intuitively aware, do not get bogged down in detail work as you need to keep your ear to the ground. Do not shun the rumour mill, be alert for all information that comes your way. Get ready to change tack at a moment’s notice and jump on a new wave you see coming – that new wave can be a trend, new technology, new laws or a new business idea.

A time to be super vigilant and across everything – take nothing for granted and be prepared for dramatic shifts in direction.

Aquarius Career Horoscope November 2019

You need some time to sit down and recap what your goals are and where you are regarding achieving them; these can be goals to achieve before the year-end and also goals for next year which have an important phase coming up. You may have become distracted and lost focus, and it is time for a wakeup call to get you back on track. Often networks, the enticements of new goals, offers or what appear to be other exciting avenues could have taken your attention off what you previously thought were important goals. So the question is: are those goals still important? Have they been superseded? Have they faded away? Should you recommit or just go with a new set of goals – if so define these and make some targets and benchmarks.

Venus going direct in your 9th house brings back motivation regarding publicity, promotion, and publishing projects. This represents a great time to sell ideas or concepts to people and to get others excited. You can paint pictures in people’s minds, get them opening up and considering new ideas and what’s more, you can penetrate past those prejudices or guards that they may have up. You are great at seeing beyond differences and bringing people from poles apart to a centre ground where they can indeed discover commonalities and ways to cooperate especially when it comes to trade or the exchange of social and political ideas.

New import and export contracts may start to come together, and this is a good time to attend a trade fair or travel to set up new geographical office or outlet. You are more expansive, and so you embrace any opportunity where you can learn more, spread knowledge and also spread a benefit more widely.

This is a good time to offer freebies or added extras to your products; it is also a great time for live demonstrations or getting volunteers to try something out and then spread the word. Any promotion right now has to be fun and exciting, just run of the mill discounts will not work; you need to make clients feel part of something: that could be a new trend, a new way of life, a worthy cause. Products that are organic, sustainable, ethical, etc. work well as people feel as if they are saving the planet at the same time they are indulging.

Pisces Career Horoscope November 2019

Venus is retrograde in your 8th house until the 16th and so avoid taking out loans and debt or pooling a large amount of money with others until then.

Cooperating with others in terms of making financial decisions with them is time consuming and energy sapping. Negotiations are more complex and often irrational views enter the arena. Pisces need to keep everyone calm and focused and perhaps more time should be allowed.

If you work in accounting or finance where you manage accounts, you will get more responsibility and you will experience a greater degree of accountability. It is not enough to know what you are doing, you need to know what others are doing so that they cannot pass the buck or suck you into a mess they have created.

Avoid throwing money at problems as you can end up throwing good money after bad. Tax and investment advice can be confusing and contradictory – sit on it and review it again at the month end to see if it all comes together.

In terms of finance, you need to think more carefully about what you want to achieve in your business, right now your priorities are not established which means you spend here and there but nothing much comes of it as your approach does not have a spear head. As the month goes on your feel financially freer as money come in from a variety of sources, but hold on to that cash and spend it wisely when you do.

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