Saturday, October 19, 2019

Libra Weekly Horoscope November 2019

libra weekly predictions november '19

Libra First Week in November 2019

Between 1st & 2nd good news is expected. You may remain busy in procuring commodity items for the house. You will remain quite uncompromising on your principles and ideals. However, between 3rd & 4th you may have a trying time. Health may force you to visit hospital repeatedly. Your promotional prospects may dip. Be especially guarded against the moves of your rivals and opponents. Between 5th & 6th Nov. you may not have any worthwhile achievement, though you may remain busy with your friends in partying and attending social functions. Emotionally you may still feel helpless and lonely. On 7th your hold and awe in politics may grow. You shall be much more active to brighten your business prospects.

Libra Second Week in November 2019

On 8th keep your tongue and temper in check. Success in love affairs is possible, the beloved and the love may have repeated rendezvous. All your govt. related cases will be easily completed. But between 9th & 11th, the Moon + Rahu combination may fill your mind with apprehensions. People may try to provoke you and make you follow a wrong path but you’ll not be distracted and act according to your discretionary wisdom. A chance of meeting with an old friend or relation may gladden your heart. Between 12th & 13th you’ll easily ensure a financial progress. You’ll succeed during this phase in whatever you do. You’ll be quite willing to help your some needy friend. Between 14th & 15th you may develop differences with your siblings. Your almost completed projects may be hurdled at the last moment. Some false allegation may be leveled against you.

Libra Third Week in November 2019

On16th you’ll work with your total devotion and intensity. By the blessings of your senior family members and the grace of God you’ll move fast on the path of progress. Upto 18th Nov. the Moon’s position will ensure favourable phase. Using your tact and prudence you may manage to enhance your margin of profit substantially. May also recover your some held up due money. You’ll remain focused on your aim. With an old dialogue you may manage to reduce all the grievances of your family members. You’ll try to achieve more than you set your targets at. Between 21st & 23rd your verve and vitality may get you the desired results. You’ll work in the right earnest and may try to do better through your intense research and experimentation in your work.

Libra Fourth Week in November 2019

Be cautious in the monetary transactions between 24th & 25th Nov. Don’t loan out any money or its recovery may prove to be a very difficult proposition. Your real property related matters may get held up. Financial crunch may perturb you much. But between 26th & 28th you’ll have a prosperous phase. May get precious gifts in the series of parties you may attend during this phase. Between 29th & 30th the family atmosphere will be full of bonhomie and affection. May affect changes at the office and home as well which may prove very useful. May go to a religious shrine to seek some mental peace and spiritual solace.

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