Sunday, October 27, 2019

Libra Love Horoscope November 2019

libra in love november 2019

Libra Monthly Love Horoscope November '19

Librans have an inner feeling of content and ease this month, and that radiates out, bringing positive experiences and helping you extract the best from any situation.

This is a great month for an announcement in connection with your love life, i.e., an engagement, a wedding date, sending out wedding invites, coming out or perhaps even starting to date again after a bereavement or divorce. There is this feeling right now of having turned the corner and being ready for a new phase regarding relationships.

Librans looking for love in these coming months will gravitate more to positive, enthusiastic individuals with a healthy outlook on life. This is not a time when you can get on with people who are stagnating or clinging to safety blankets of some sort. This is an ideal phase for love developing between people who are on a similar journey, and that could mean those studying a discipline, preparing for a sporting event, or even battling an addiction together. A sense of shared purpose can cement a love relationship very quickly.

This is a period where Librans can begin to grow away from a partner – this can happen in relationships where your partner is stuck or unwilling to embrace new circumstances. You are becoming highly future and goal orientated, and you may begin to check out mentally of a relationship that is restrictive or backwards looking. While Librans will remain loyal, you may withdraw into your head becoming wrapped up in books, study, or philosophy to escape entrapment in a relationship that has become like quicksand.

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