Friday, October 18, 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope November 2019

leo weekly predictions november '19

Leo First Week in November 2019

Between 1st & 2nd the Moon’s sojourn in 8th may give you some monetary loss. Those in service may fail to finish their work in due time. You’ll be under pressure to achieve your targets. Your seniors may have a tiff among themselves. Between 3rd & 4th you may go out to attend a function. Your some govt. related work will be easily completed. You’ll have a talk with some people who may provide you a mental solace. Between 5th & 6th your financial position will be consolidated. May take some strong and vital decisions in your business and profession. You’ll feel delighted to get a big order or a prestigious deal. You could be trusted with an enhanced responsibility. But on 7th you may suffer a big loss. May also receive some unpleasant news.

Leo First Week in November 2019

On 8th your indulgence in a love affair may ruin your career in a big way. Your some action may give you much infamy. Your image will be sullied. Be careful between 9th & 11th in your services as a little lapse may have a very deadly consequence. Be alert in all your moneydealings and avoid stranger in any deal, else you could be trapped in a conspiracy. Between 12th & 13th your enemies and rivals will be beaten by their own fault. Use more of your head than heart during this phase. Between 14th & 15th lethargy may overwhelm your body. You may get a financial gain but health will remain rather lax. However, mental worries may abate a bit.

Leo First Week in November 2019

Between 16th & 18th you may earn good wealth. With your total devotion you’ll work and unconcerned about hurdles, you’ll progress fast. You’ll manage to finish all your pending jobs. You’ll act with prudence and take all along you by your gift of the gab. Then between 18th & 20th you’ll face many challenges. May have some dispute with your partner and workers on minor issues. Your project may get hurdled at the final stage. This shall be a bad phase in every way. May receive some bad news about your some friend or relation. But between 21st & 23rd your derailed life may again start moving on the right track. Guests may come. Some progeny related worry may be eventually eliminated. Your PR circle may widen.

Leo First Week in November 2019

Between 24th & 25th you’ll be full of verve and vitality. You may love to introduce something novel in your life. You’ll outsmart all your rivals and opponents. Between 28th & 29th November. You’ll remain busy with your family members and may attend a couple of marriage functions. You’ll detest, however, any interference in your personal affairs. Between 28th & 30th suspend all your immoral dealings and illegal business deals, else you could be trapped in a legal quagmire. Your marital relations could be eclipsed by some third party’s intervention.

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