Friday, October 4, 2019

Leo in Love October 2019

leo love predictions october 2019

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope for October '19

This is one of the best months of the year for new love relationships as you have this inner ease and contentment that helps draw positive people towards you. It is vital to be in a place of high self-esteem when you embark on relationships as when you feel low and self-critical, you project these feelings outward, and you become a magnet for people who are going to either mirror your inner self-doubts and thus magnify them or who may seek to manipulate you via that insecure place you find yourself.

No one is 100% secure or 100% confident, self-loving, and free of self-doubt, and if they are, they are probably some wooden character in a trashy novel ranked #1 million on Amazon; however, everyone can improve their levels of inner acceptance, security, and self-love, and this month, Leo can do that. It is not so much your level of self-love and self-esteem, it is whether it is on the up or the down, and right now it is on the up, which is why you can attract a suitable partner who can support you and give you affection, loving you for who and what you are and also where you are in terms of spiritual development.

Leo may fall in love with someone who externally is not your type, but who, when you get to know them better, has much in common with you regarding world view, philosophy, and ambition.

Higher self-esteem helps Leo in relationships to make good judgements about emotional situations, and that goes a long way to improving understanding, cooperation, and fostering affection.

This is a good month to make financial decisions as a couple, especially if those decisions have to do with children and their education.

This is a very creative and productive month for Leo who work with their partner in the arts or arts management. It can be a time when you fall in love with your agent, your choreographer, your producer, or any person you work with in showbiz.

Being in love colours your whole life with happy and optimistic feelings, bringing back sparkle and fizz to the everyday slog.

Don’t turn down any opportunity to double date, blind date, or socialise.

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