Friday, October 18, 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope November 2019

gemini weekly predictions november '19

Gemini First Week in November 2019

Between 1st & 2nd the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi will greet you. In business you’ll employ the latest technologies to enhance your profit tremendously. Even you’ll change your life style. Between 3rd & 4th your honour, reputation and renown will get a boost. You’ll remain busy with your family and close friends. You’ll try to do your every work with great precision and style. In love and romance also things will be quite favourable. You’ll remain busy in the group activities and investment. You’ll feel quite relaxed and normal. But between 5th & 6th the money due to you will be held back all of a sudden. May have to face the hard realities. Your selfish attitude may eclipse your reputation and honour. But on 7th you’ll be quite happy.

Gemini First Week in November 2019

On 8th you’ll again be quite hopeful and cashing on your charismatic personality you may achieve your end with other’s help. Between 9th & 11th you’ll establish your new identity by improving your image and attending many group meetings and social activities. You shall be quite considerate to your family but shall not neglect your official work. Between 12th & 13th by your talent and prudence you’ll achieve your professional target one by one to mint a lot of money. Financially you’ll be on a sound footing. But between 13th noon and 15th you may get a series of inauspicious results. Procrastination in work may make you quite sad.

Gemini First Week in November 2019

Between 16th & 18th you’ll have a quite knowledge enriching period. You’ll get the support of the reliable and trusted friends. You’ll accomplish your mission and schemes while discharging your duties faithfully. Your spouse shall be fully supportive and helpful. Between 18th & 20th your flexible attitude may clinch an almost lost deal. You’ll show your talent if given a chance to show your qualities through a media exposure (like TV channel, internet or radio) or through the print media. Your closeness will be very faithful and supportive to save you from any trouble. Between 21st & 23rd you’ll eventually get the job you have been pining for. May go to a quiet place to indulge in a bit of self-introspection.

Gemini First Week in November 2019

Between 24th & 25th you may have a tiff with some of your close friends. During this negative phase your rivals and opponents may try to over power you to take a lead. Your due money will be held back or even denied. But between 26th & 28th some high officials will be quite pleased with you to make your govt. related cases gather some momentum. You’ll get new responsibilities which you shall discharge quite efficiently. You’ll solve even the pending problems and the burning disputes will also be amicably settled. Between 29th & 30th you may attend some marriage-ceremony. May go out to buy new raiment and ornaments. Money inflow will also be thick and fast. Some rewards may be given to you. In this mild winters you’ll enjoy sumptuous food and tasty dishes. A journey may be necessary which shall be quite enjoyable. Meeting to your close ones you’ll feel quite delighted.

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