Monday, October 28, 2019

Gemini Love Horoscope November 2019

gemini in love november 2019

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope November 2019

Gemini have this capacity to say and do things which put others on the defensive; often, it can be quite surprising and revealing to see what others regard as a threat. However, you do need to be wary of the energy as it can be quite disruptive.

Impatience, irritability, and aggression can be the dominant vibes and body language you give off rather than tenderness which can make intimacy tricky unless you are both in a very lustful, energetic mood.

This is a very positive time for Gemini who have been feeling the need to assert themselves on the relationships and tackle the attitudes and issues of your partner. It could be a time when instead of being that adaptable Gemini who shape-shifts to deal with encounters, you may decide to take a leaf from The Aries’ handbook and go head to head with your partner using confrontation to force an issue and bring it into the open. This can be helpful, but you must time it appropriately and not let it be protracted; a short, sharp heated debate can be useful, not a long drawn out double tantrum, and so know your points, know your message and get heard.

With the rough comes the smooth, and this can also be a joyful time in relationships; heated exchanges can lead to learning more about yourself and your partner, and the relationships tends to grow faster as a result of dynamic input from you both. Heated debate tends to work as you both are more forgiving and do have the capacity to understand and learn from feisty encounters.

The dates between the 7th and 16th of November are excellent for marriages and very promising new relationships beginning. From the 16th to the 23rd are also great for budding romances, but the initial signals may be more mixed and confusing.

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