Saturday, October 26, 2019

Capricorn Love Horoscope November 2019

capricorn inlove november '19

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope November '19

Don’t let your partner put words in your mouth; say what needs to be said and do not drop hints. You cannot be vague right now, or he/she will get the wrong opinion. Be clear and be specific.

You are not at your most objective in love; you tend to be highly idealistic which is not great as this is a month where reality comes knocking and practical details must be dealt with, so you are dragged back to earth with a bump.

You need to look at the questions and issues that come up in love more objectively – take a step back and do not get so caught up in the moment.

You are quick to start discussions which are very contentious, but you don’t always check your facts, and so you can end up making a big deal of nothing.

Sometimes you say something which seems obvious to you, but you may be making some assumptions you do not even realise you are making, and this makes your reasoning hard to grasp.

On the positive side, Capricorn are the ones to bring imagination and novelty into love – you are not keen to stick to routines or follow the same patterns, you are into surprises and shaking up the daily routine with trips that involve culture, movies, and a little seasonal magic. It is a time when you are very romantic and not in a passive way; you like to make life come alive, and you tend to believe that no matter what else has to be done there is time for some mischievousness and indulgence.

Your imagination is on fire right now, and this allows you to find ever more ingenious ways to impress a person who you have in your romantic scope. A month of poetry, music, and lyric writing inspired by your romantic yearnings.

So while your idealism can in some cases make your temper flare as disappointments are felt more keenly and in other cases make you rather impractical and unwilling to face reality, you are certainly not cold – you are hot-blooded, excited, ready for love and ready to give your heart away.

A great time for more adventurous couples who enjoy the outdoors.

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