Sunday, October 6, 2019

Capricorn in Love October 2019

capricorn love predictions october 2019

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope for October '19

Grudges can be self-defeating, and yet you tend towards that kind of latent hostility where you are not able to have it out with someone – often you just have to move on as the more you engage with a person, the more they are going to be able to say hurtful things or anger you, and so the faster you consign them to the past, the quicker you move on.

Venus brings a boost to love relationships by improving the physical elements, i.e., affection and sex life. You are highly attractive right now and are emitting a very sexy vibe; the problem is that you are like a faster moving cheetah who can wow admirers but who is never around long enough for anyone to really get to know you close up or get to stroke you. Your busy schedule and go-getting obsession for results make you a rare feature on the love scene. However, in marriages, there is much passion and exciting intimate moments to be shared, even if these are a little rare, they are intense.

Single Capricorn may find that ‘on again off again’ romances or friend with benefits style liaisons suit you. You could even have a brief fling to satisfy your desire but do avoid any strings.

While passionate in love, you can be a little raw – you tend to just go for it, and that will be appreciated by Aries, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, perhaps less so by Aquarians and Gemini who desire some sophistication and want romance. I would not say you are unromantic, but you can be a little too impatient for a romance that is long winded or soppy, and you certainly have no time for insincere clichés gestures.

New love affairs are very much about instinct and gut level attraction rather than intellectual compatibility which is irrelevant – the sex can be sensational even if you have little in common otherwise.

Marriages see increased action in the bedroom, and not just there as when passions arise any time and place is A-OK!

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